Sticky situation-neighbor's dog venturing into our yard.

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Cave canis- vigilo omnis
Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 2:47pm PST 
I would let them know in a non-confrontational way that their fence isn't working. Whiile it's most likely the batteries in the collar, it could be a damaged wire or faulty base unit. You're supposed to check the fence monthly but many longtime users don't bother... Then they find out their dog's been wandering and have to retrain. confused
I would let them know before the dog begins to think your yard is his yard, too.

Cheese? PLEASE!
Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 7:12pm PST 

S/O said he spoke with the neighbor this afternoon. He said he stopped on the way home and let the neighbor know. Neighbor apparently said something about the collar.

We will see if it is a one-time deal.
If it becomes habit I will just report it.

Ahh, the sometimes not-so-joyous moments of owning a dog. confused
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