Why would my puppy drink pee?

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He ducks his head between his legs when he takes a pee and starts lapping it up! I try to discourage it, but half the time he races out into the yard so quick and I have another senior dog who is slow and needs help with the steps.
He was a poo eater too. That has mostly stopped, but now he is really into the taste of his pee for some reason. I have not heard of this before.. Is it common?

Aside from grossing me out, it's also annoying because he interrupts himself and sometimes when we come back inside he still has to go.

Oh and by the way he is not dying of thirst lol. He gets fresh water every day.

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Have you discussed this issue with a vet?
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I would ask your vet about it.

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You said he gets fresh water daily, but free access, or how much and how often. My mini poodles drink about two quarts of water a day and my lab puppy drinks almost a gallon.
I once knew a lab who drank her urine, turned out, she was only allowed one pint of water a day. When she was given free access she stopped trying to drink the urine.