I have no clue what breed(s) she is!

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I got a new puppy three weeks ago. We were told she's a Chihuhua, Jack Russell Terrier mix. She doesn't have those characteristics, though! We're guessing she's part Beagle and part something else. Going on looks alone, what would you say she is? She's about 5.6lbs at 11 weeks.

http://s886.photobucket.com/albums/ac61/HisMommy499/?actio n=view¤t=2012-10-12225035.jpg

http://s886.photobucket.com/a lbums/ac61/HisMommy499/?action=view¤t=2012-10-29230630.jpg

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In my opinion I think she does look like a Jack Russell mix, but maybe not Chihuahua. My Sherlock is a Jack Russell/Doxie mix and she looks a little like him, but if you google "Jack Russell puppies" I think she does have characteristics that match. smile She's cute no matter what she is though! Congrats on your new family member. happy dance

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The face looks like a beagle. The little rose ears are jack russel traits. I wish I had my dog when he was a puppy. I bet he looked a lot like your dog when he was a baby. They are the same coloring with the same type of tail. The ears are similar too.

I think my dog is a jack russel chihuahua beagle. I think yours is a beagle jack. I saw one as an adult and he did not look like my dog, but a lot like yours.