Spaying and the cost rant!!

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Barked: Mon Oct 29, '12 1:58pm PST 
Can you guys in Canada and The US get pet insurance?

I don't know how it works over there but I pay £8 per month for Dexter's pet insurance and that means that if anything happens to him, my pet insurance pays out. Things like accidents, emergency surgery, ilness e.t.c... It also meant that when I got Dexter neutered, I only had to pay the excess (£20) and my insurance paid the rest. Adding up to £900.

I also have a £5 a month membership at my vet clinic which means boosters, microchipping, teeth cleaning e.t.c are free.

I'm just curious whether or not that sort of thing is available to you guys?

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Barked: Mon Oct 29, '12 2:36pm PST 
hI i'M in ONTARIO canada i wasn't calling anyone imoral or greedy BUT i think it's highly weird that one charges 560 and ACUSES me of being irresponsible because i cannot afford to pay that kind of rates and get all snotty with me on the telephone!!! I don't beleive it's a humans "right to have a pet or a child for that matter (people seem to think it's their god given right to have kids or pets) BUT i think if people are going to preech about "all these animals out there that are in the shelters, and about having an animal spayed or neutured that their NEEDS to be an "affordible" rate for this surgery...yes your right it's not a life or death surgery BUT if it's a case of i'm trying to start a business (it's a hobby at the moment) of dog grooming i don't want my female dog pregnant then in a sense it's VERY imporant that she has the surgery! I have been told all sorts by various vets too like 1) if she goes into heat it's going to cost you more money 2) we pull out her baby teeth because they likely wont come out on her own 3) we don't cover this or that it's "extra cost"..! I understand that vets have all sorts of people to pay and things to cover I get that....and i know someone is going to say well if you can't afford to do this or that....well same can be said about being a human parent!!! anyways thanks for the comments!!!

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Barked: Mon Oct 29, '12 9:09pm PST 
The price difference is pretty amazing. My local vet charges right around $200. for a spay or neuter. This would include blood work, IV, Pain meds.....He charges closer to $125/150 without the blood work and IV. Local clinics will do a spay/neuter for around $50. We are in the deep south and our cost of living is a lot lower than in the cities.


Barked: Mon Oct 29, '12 9:25pm PST 
I was lucky and shopped around and paid $134.50 for my big guy and he was 72 lbs at the time. Some other vets tried to add on heartworm tests and other stuff even though he was on a preventative already. One vet wanted to charge me more for anesthesia for my toy poodle when I went in for a quote for a teeth cleaning. He quoted me $1,500-$1,800.00. I went to my current vet and they only charged me around $145.00 and that included pulling 3 baby teeth that never fell out. I showed them the quote from the other vet and they were even shocked.

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 8:22am PST 
I know that where you live tends to make a big difference in vet costs. I live in a small city but all of the vets within 15 minutes of my home and there are 4 different clinics,charge about 3-4 times what my vet does. My vet is a 30 mile one way trip but actually knows and recognizes what an Akita is,has been a great asset over the last 17 years in new information about the breed and is amazingly affordable. Mika's spay for a 75 pound dog was $95.00 that included pre-op bloodwork. Kai's neuter was $65.00. with bloodwork.When Mika developed a problem due to an unforseen allergy to the suture material used,her additional surgery and follow-up care were free. He will also make payment arrangements with long term patients that he knows will be back,he is caring,highly skilled,and runs a great practice where you feel as though your pups get the same quality of care he would give his own. So often it does depend on the vet and what their expenses are,my vet has been around for quite awhile but owns his building and equipment,takes on interns who need to learn as added skilled staff and devotes at least 12 hours a day to his practice. For us the drive is well worth the care we get.

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 3:13pm PST 
you know what amazes me they SAY they do it by the weight....is it the small the dog the more expensive???? I mean seriously 560 dollars???? for a less then 10 lbs dog???? who has never had puppies or gone into heat!!1 I mean they don't even flinch or anything when they say their price...and yes i think it does matter where you live...i live in the country so when they hear about dogs or cats it's like they just throw out a number...."umm 350/600 dollars (whatever suites THEM!!)I have decided that i am going to wait until end of november to get her fixed she is going to have her shots and i think that's enought on her little body for one month (she will just be 4 months in Novemember) They say 5-6 months for a little puppy like her) I want her to be healthy for the opperation! thanks for all the support and chat!!! The price isnt just imporant to me i need to feel that the person operating on my little princess actually "cares" about my baby....you know you get this feeling...some are in it for the money and some their are a select that actually "CARE" about the animals AND the pet parents!

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 3:57pm PST 
I have friends and family in Ontario. If you p-mail me and tell me where you are I may be able to point you in the right direction. I know my mother looked high and low for a decent vet near Ottawa, and I have other contacts near Toronto and Hamilton.
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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 5:13pm PST 
I called a vet in my area the other day to get a price on a spay for my cousin's little dog and they wanted around $148.00 but that covered the surgery,pain killers and antibiotics. The neuter was even less at $86.00.

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 8:20pm PST 
I got my Jack Russel neutered for about 100.00 at the SPCA a few years ago. My family vet charges 150.00. Banfield and quite a few clinics I called around the North Texas area charged 400+. The price difference is def amazing. Just have to call around and research clinics.

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Barked: Wed Oct 31, '12 3:06pm PST 
Emma Jean, I don't know where your located but before you spend that much money, check around. There's an agency here in TX called TXCAP that does spay/neutering for $65/$75. You can find places that do it for a more reasonable price - you just have to dig deep. Good luck!
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