just adopted a small chihuahua

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so i asked to look at one of these puppies, and by the time he made his rounds to me, there was one left, i couldnt say no to him, he was infested with fleas and i think an eye problem. i got him, he hasnt had shots, the guy said he was 9 weeks old but he is sooooo small, idk how to upload a pic or i would show you. i think he is younger than that, im taking him to the vet hopefully tomorrow. but what should i feed him? i need alot of advice, i wasnt really expecting to get him, i deflead him, with dawn dish soap and a flea comb, right now he is sleeping on me with a towel. any advice would be great as i have no clue what to do with a puppy this small. i am thinking 5 weeks. he is really small.

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What makes you think five weeks? Check and see if he has milk teeth still.

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I got Lizzie at 5ish weeks. She was eating hard food we just added some baby food to her kibble and softened it with water. Can your pup eat hard food?

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There's a good chance, given the condition of your pup that this is not a great breeder and there for was breeding for a tiny size.

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You can try to upload images to imgur.com, as long as the file size isn't huge. It might be helpful in ascertaining how old this pup is.
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Cocoa was only 6 weeks when I brought him home, too young but he was a rescue. I fed him a mixture of raw chicken, puppy formula, and high quality canned puppy food.

The raw chicken was the only food he would reliably eat. I took him to work with me for the 1st few weeks, feeding him every few hours. He is now 2 years old and doing well.

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anyway, all new dogs should have a puppy wellness check. Your vet can probably tell you more.

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I agree on something soft and raw or at least moist. NV instinct or Northwest Naturals is a good bet. With a tiny pup, they will need food every four hours to stabilize blood sugar. and pet their tummies afterward to help them digest Good luck with him!

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How's your pup doing?