Problems with potty training

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Barked: Sat Oct 13, '12 2:26am PST 
My four month old Caviler King Charles Spaniel seems to be having trouble learning where it is appropriate to go to the bathroom. He does seem to know go potty means to go outside and go to the bathroom. He goes to the bathroom almost right away when outside. But he still has accidents in the house. My mom's older dog (12) has trouble holding it, and where he goes to the bathroom, my puppy seems to follow. He does have one other place he goes as well.

He has also gone to the bathroom in my bed more than a handful of times. I do blame myself more in this though, I have been not feeling well the past week and only occasionally waking up through the night. Most nights I try to be up every few hours. Lately it has been every five hours or so.

I have tried to get things back on track the past couple of days overnight, but he still does it sometimes.

He has slept in bed with me since the day he came home, and is only crated when someone in the family has to go out.

I'm wondering if he should be crates at night?

Barked: Sat Oct 13, '12 4:59pm PST 
How often are you taking your pup out? Is the older dog incontinent? What are you cleaning up the accidents with?

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Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 12:00pm PST 
I feel your pain!

We have a 5 year old....River....and a new furbaby Trickle! She is making me nutso! She is 4 - 4/1/2 months old....and we are with her all day.

I had thought being around all day it would be an easier task....not so! She is so darn quick!

I use a cleaner that takes out the smells...or so they say, but gadzooks!!

She does her biz outside when there...and will sleep through the night without incident? But during the day....OMD!

I have done the NILIF.....routine....stern voice...good dawg!