Older dogs warming up to my puppy?

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My three month old Caviler King Charles spaniel is the youngest of my family's four dogs. We have a 6 year old miniature poodle who is six, a Yorkie who is 9, and a Shih-tzu who is 12. The puppy plays with the shihtzu, and attempts to play with my poodle.

My poodle seems more aggravated by him than anything, but seems to be warming up to him a little bit. The first few days we brought him home, he kept trying to nurse off of her. She is the only female dog in a house full of males. When she isn't paying attention the puppy will try to cuddle with her, and sometimes gets away with laying his head on her while she is sleeping.

The poodle has never slept with another dog before, she has always been quite independent. I'm wondering if she will ever allow the puppy to sleep with her?

The Yorkie is not allowed near the puppy unsupervised, he is very possessive and does not like the puppy at all. He growls at him, and has attempted to go after him.
Mishka &- Luna

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Eventually yes. It will take ALL the dogs time to get used to the new member of the pack. When I first brought my husky Luna home (she was 3 weeks when I got her, but that's another long story), my other husky Mishka was protective of her until Luna got old enough to become a little annoyance to the dogs. After that Mishka wanted nothing to do with Luna. Boomer and Jazz were scared of her. Once she turned about 5 months they were slowly coming around to her. They sort of got the hint that she was here to stay. Now that she is 9 months old, mishka and boomer all play with her and they will snuggle with her. So just have patience and supervise your puppy around the other dogs. You never know what their actions may be if he tends to overwhelm them.

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