My New Addition Vinny

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After falling in love earlier this week my partner and I went and picked up our new addition Saturday. Vinny is a 13 week old Boston Terrier. He is a reverse Boston being completely white except for his 'Batman Mask' and three spots on his right side.Vinny is just like any other puppy except for the fact he is dead. You would never be able to tell until you come home and he is still knocked out in his cage not budging a bit from your arrival. Vinny is the first deaf dog I have owned and I would love tips and advice from over deaf dog lovers.

Thank You!

- Vinny & Mom puppysmile

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Hmm, odd boston terrier coloring, that's for sure. I know that a lot of white cats are deaf, so maybe Vinnie's odd coloring may have something to do with it? confused
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welcome There are some people on here that have experience with deaf dogs. Maybe they'll post soen advice.

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My last dog, Tascha (near as we could figure she was half pit bull & half basset hound) went deaf when she was about 11. I'm a "hand talker" and I didn't even realize it until I was talking to Tascha in the kitchen and said "turkey" and she didn't turn around for some. Turkey was her fav and we always shared. That's what clued me in. Then I noticed that she was watching me alot more than I'd noticed in the past. She was watching my hands and face when I talked to her. When I wanted her to go out, I'd say "out" and make a sweeping motion, ending in pointing outside. For "down" I'd always hold my hand down and flat when I said it. Always use the same hand motions for the same commands. Treat when the dog starts responding appropriately to the hand and body motions and give lots of positive reinforcement. Make sure your dog sees you when you're talking to it as your pup loves you and is looking to read your face to see if you're happy with it. Your pup loves you and wants to please you. As with a child, repeatition and positive reinforcement will go a long way for happy training! Lots of small, nutritious treats and plenty of chew toys for teething and attention and you'll be amazed at how fast your pup is watching you to see what it can do to impress you with thier learning your hand signals!!! Just make sure to use the same, simple hand signals, over and over for the same things and only start with learning one at a time. Once the first hand signal is learned inside and out, then progress on to the next hand signal. Make sure you and your partner use the same hand signals for the same things. Your pup will be reading your face and body language so fast it will amaze you!!!rainbow