Determining Adult Size of a Puppy

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Miss Black- Magic's 'Ria'
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '12 1:43pm PST 
Does anyone know at what point you can garner an idea of how big or small your pup will be as an adult? Is there any way to tell really? I've lived with both large and small dogs, and usually, I've been able to say "Oh, that's going to be a HUGE Rottie" or something along those lines(my moms Rottweiler for instance is approx. 160 lbs of muscular male Rottweiler and he's not fat, just very tall and very thick and we could tell he was going to be massive from the time he was about six months old)..

But now I've got Ria... A Lab/Border mix and her pure Lab mama was TINY(at least in comparison to the Labs I normally see - her mom was about the size of a Border Collie, height and all) and her dad was a Border, but we never saw him. Anyway... She's five months old, only about 27lbs, and only an inch taller than Charlie. Her paws are tiny, her ears are very Border Collie and small as well, and she doesn't look like she's going to get much larger than 40lbs, IF that. I know she's got another year and a half to grow, but it's still making me wonder.

My fiance seems to think she'll end up 'small for a Lab, big for a Border' But I don't think she'll be bigger than a Border Collie at all... She looks like she'll be either the same size as one or smaller.

Anyway... Any ideas would be awesome! Thanks!

ETA - I'm not concerned at all by what size she ends up, because I've owned dogs that were far larger, and dogs that were smaller, and I'll love her no matter her size - her personality is AWESOME.

Little rascal
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '12 3:08pm PST 
Generally you can tell how big a dog will be by the size of their paws. The bigger the paws the bigger the dog will be.
Moe Jr.

Barked: Mon Sep 17, '12 8:49pm PST 
I agree with Banjo.

When Chewy, my Lab was a puppy he had massive paws. Everyone figured he'd be a huge Lab. Now 28" and 109 pounds probably closer to 115 when he was younger.

You met her mom, who was the size of a BC. I'm guessing the dad was probably similar in size to the mom. So with both parents being BC sized, she'll probably be that size. There's a possibility that she could get bigger than that with the Lab background though, even though her mom is small.

I'm having trouble guessing Moe's adult size... a couple weeks ago he was 50 pounds. He'll be 9 months in 9 days. At 5 months he was only 13" now he's 16.5 maybe 17" His parents were very different in size. His mom being a 40 pound Basset, and his dad a 90 pound bully. laugh out loud


Barked: Tue Sep 18, '12 4:07am PST 
On the other hand, Ezra has massive paws and people always are stopping me on the street to tell me he's going to be Huge when he grows up. He's 2 years now, and 40 lbs. I also know a shelter dog who was adopted as a puppy. The shelter said she would be small, under 30 lbs, because of her paw size. She grew to be a very lean 90 lbs.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Tue Sep 18, '12 6:08am PST 
Both of my Akitas had big paws when they were little. Mika is a petite little lady of 24 inches and 80 pounds. Kai had big paws as well,the only difference was as he grew,so did his paws,they have finally reached the proper proportion and he is 28 inches and 110+ pounds. We can no longer pick him up to weigh him and our vet is 30 miles one way so we can't just pop by and put him on the scale there either. Good Luck in finding a reliable method of determining size,the paws really didn't work for us. The gaining 12 pounds a month for Kai was certainly a hint that he wasn't going to be tiny.