Peeing in the crate!

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Barked: Thu Jul 12, '12 11:30am PST 
I have a nearly 6 month old pit/lab mix puppy who was doing very, very well with her housetraining in the 3 months we've had her... up until about a week ago.

She's started peeing inside her crate almost every hour that she spends in there. She never did this before. I started walking her more often and for longer periods of time, but it hasn't helped. I was beginning to think that she's doing it because she doesn't want to be inside the crate, and knows that if she pees she has to come out to get it cleaned, but that sounds wildly vindictive for a puppy wink

We're about to move to a new place with a large fenced-in backyard, so she'll have more room to run about and maybe that will help.

Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to help her? Is it possible that she could have some kind of infection that's causing her to urinate so frequently? Or do I just need to try another method?

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Barked: Thu Jul 12, '12 11:49am PST 
First you have to totally deodorize the crate & all bedding. There are products for doing that at pet stores. White vinegar solution works pretty well too. Feed the dog in the crate, then out for a walk. Give food & treats in the crate for a few days. Might or might not work, but worth a try.

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Yeah, I'm deodorizing the crate as often as humanely possible but it's not really helping much. I'm becoming really concerned that it's medical and not behavioral.


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I have heard others say that it can be a sign of a UTI. I would have have it checked by the vet just to rule out an infection. Good luck.

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Are you giving her water right before you put her in there? I stop water 1 hour before I crate Ranger. That stopped the crate peeing.

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I agree with Keeva, take a urine sample to your vet and have it checked for signs of infection.
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I would think UTI as well. Tia had one & the vet suggested putting a few drops of lemon juice in her food. It cleared up pretty quickly.
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Many dogs will pee in their crate if it is too large. They also will continue to go in the crate if it is not properly cleaned, make sure you are using an enzymatic cleaner such as natures miracle.

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wow,first off you have to know that crates are a GOOD THING not a bad thing because dogs are natureall "den" orinated! so this isnt a bad thing...secound she is still a puppy and she will still have "accidents" you hav to count on that...when you crate here is it after yoy have fed her? if so 15-20 mins after food take her outside ! Unless you have a chewer like Cinderella is tghen you can have her out of the crate...then before bed take her outside (after naps) DO NOT PUT PAPER/BLANKETS,ANYTHING soft etc IN THE CRAte TRUST ME on this because this teaches her that this is an acceptible place to pee/poo (and despite what people say dog DO poop/pee in their den(crate) you just have to learn her "cue" (ie she will whine/snif the floor /circle the floor when she has to pee/poo but never ler her out of your site!!! wE HAVE A a 3 month old and she has had 4 accidents in the 2 weeks we have had (mainly our fault) but she cues she has to go! (sniffing the floor or barking) Don't give up anything and everything is possile) make sure to keep the crate as a "posstive" experince for her as this will become a safe place where she can go at bedtime, when your out, when you travel and so on!
Good luck!!!
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