Crate question

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Barked: Mon Jul 9, '12 8:57am PST 
Hi. We have a (now) 11 week old Austrailian Labradoodle that we are working on crate training. I've been going really slow with the crate trying to make it always a positive experience. He does GREAT at night and doesn't object at all when I put him in for his naptime in the morning. We're up to 2 1/2 or so for his morning time (he actually went 3 hours yesterday) and I make it a point to go in before he starts to fuss.

He's fine in there so far with toys and kong but my question is: I can continue to up the time each day but at some point, I'm sure he will start fussing before that time is up - what do I do then? Do I just let him cry it out? I always worry that he may need to potty (yes, we make sure he goes before we put him in) but don't want to give him attention when he's making a ruckus so that he thinks that works to get him out.

Anyone else approach the training this way (slowly) and how did you do it? Thanks!!