Puppy Not getting the housebreaking message

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I've had my pup for about a month and a half, and as soon as I got her, I started on housebreaking. I started with the generally advised method of taking the puppy out every couple hours, treating and praising when she does go, interrupting her when I catch her going in the house, cleaning with an enzyme cleaner, and so on.

I've made pretty much no progress in the nearly six weeks of having her. Even if I take her out every two hours, she will still find opportunity to go in the house. She gives no outward signs she needs to go until she's actually going. Housebreaking doesn't seem to be clicking with her, with the exception that she doesn't poop in the house. She still doesn't let me know when she has to go out.

I'm at a loss for what to do. Am I doing something wrong? Am I not waiting long enough for her to "get it?" I'm just so frustrated. frown

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Smaller dog = Smaller Bladder = Needs to potty more frequently

Take her out every 40 - 60 minutes and sit with her until she goes.
Tether her to you or crate her when you cant be on top of her. You can usually tell the signs of when shes about to 'go', she'll be circling, sniffing, possibly even pawing.

You could try limiting water if you think you'll be really busy for awhile and cant take her out.

Just had to say shes super cute and Nare has the same exact hedgehog. laugh out loud But his isn't in a great condition like hers haha.

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I agree. You really have to watch or when they stop what they are doing and start sniffing and walking around. also alerting to go to the bathroom is not the norm. Out of my three dogs only one will make any noise when he has to go. the other two will start pacing.

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"Smaller dog = Smaller Bladder = Needs to potty more frequently"
Nope, smaller dog, LESS URINE being produced, frequency schedule exactly the same as a larger dog.
I think she has too much freedom within the house. I would definitely try tethering her to you at any time she is loose in the house, crate her when you cannot watch her. With her being tethered, you will know immediately when she thinks about going and can immediately hustle her outside.
I have 8 toy breeds in my house and I DO keep them babygated in the rooms where I can see them, even when adults and "housebroken". Small dogs have a tendency to think that room out of your sight is fair game as it is far enough away for you not to notice, unlike a larger dog where you will either hear the splash of the urine OR smell the poo. Unless you are constantly watching and catch them BEFORE the act, it can become an habit, even with an older, previously housebroken dog.
If I can't see a room from where I am sitting, it has a baby gate if I am not paying attention to the dogs. If my attention IS on them, say I am watching the news or something like that, then they CAN have access but I will be watching and call them back if they head off to the nether parts of the house.
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Get yourself a black light, make sure you've got all of the urine cleaned up. Any little drop will give them the signal pee here! Smaller dog, smaller amount is right. Keep with the schedule, every couple of hours. After she drinks watch her, the minute her nose heads towards the floor take her out. Tethering helps, that way you have no choice but to know her every move. She'll get it, be patient it will happen! flowers

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Thank you all for your responses. I keep Ellie in the room with me so she's always under watch. She will pee right in front of us, with no warning. Just waltz across the room, then squat. I will try the crating from now on, though, so hopefully I'll see result soon! I welcome any more suggestions.
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I've always said that there was no dog on earth I couldn't house break in a few days; But that's not true: 1) they have to be the right age. A puppy that is too young will simply 'not get it' Just like you can't potty train a child before they are two years old, you can't expect to train a dog much before at least 3 months old. 2) not giving the dog the run of the house is key. I always say there are keys to the proper training: consistency: take the dog out at regular intervals with great consistency, first thing in the morning, mid morning, noon, etc.. of course you may have to start even more often until they associate going out with going bathroom. Once they 'go" then they can have some free play time in the house but then confine ON PAPER ( a free-standing pen works best and you can keep it in the same room you are so it's not like punishing the dog in another room). Once the dog is used to going on the paper (in between going out), then you can diminish the paper area, then you can remove the pen and leave a paper area, most likely the dog will go on the paper if it needs to go before you take it out. Once the puppy has aged enough to hold him/herself, then you remove the paper altogether. Also when 'catching' the puppy in the act, do show your displeasure (no hitting, no waving newspapers or such, just NO will do and a harsh tone of voice). On the other hand LAVISH praise when you catch him/her going outside.. it works. But some dogs do demand more effort than others.

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Perhaps I spoke too soon. I was sitting on the couch when Ellie popped up and walked up to the front door, scratched it, and looked back at me. I took her out, she did her thing. Progress!
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Hooray! Hope things continue to improve. Both of my dogs came to me as adults and (mostly) housetrained, they only needed a couple reminders of where to go. It would drive me bonkers to have a dog just squat down and pee in front of me without warning!

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I do think smaller breeds simply have trouble learning how to hold it more than larger breeds. Of course, not every dog is the same in every breed..

When you take her out, walk with her a little bit, have her play a game of fetch, etc..get her little legs moving, which translates to things inside moving, thus she will 'have to go' as opposed to piddling soon as you come inside..

As others have said, give her time..
If she doe snot potty outside after about fifteen minutes, bring her in, place her in her crate, and take her out again in about 15 minutes more. The crate can be a wonderful potty-training tool, as dogs are by nature not liking to soil where they sleep.

And another thought is many toy breeds simply do not develop bladder control until around 4 months of age or so, so just be patient..

Keep doing what you are doing, stay consistant, and she will catch on..wink

GL, and enjoy those puppy months..they go by sooo quickly!!!!