Need suggestions for cooling beds and collars pls

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I see the kool collar online but one review for the small says they wish it came in an even smaller size.

Then we are wanting a cooling bed as well..

Any suggestions..?

Not very impressed with the ones I saw at Petco...
And not really interested in spending $$$
but I guess if it really is a good one, may do so..smile

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The Kool Collars are decent but the ice/cooling packs melt really fast. Plus if you use ice, you end up with a wet dog. Not really a big deal if you're outside, but I'm not a huge fan.

I really like these products: Cool Zone Dog. They are a bit pricey, but the cooling vest I bought for Onyx is really impressive. The cooling packs last a good couple hours, even in really hot weather, and there's no water trapped between the vest and his fur. I also like how fast they "recharge". The vests are all too big for your guy but the beds work exactly the same way.

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Thanks, Onyx!!! way to go
ETA: those matts look PERFECT, because we typically have high-humidity here!!

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We've found that any of the beds that work by evaporation will just mold in our high humidity since NOTHING can evaporate with the humidity that high.
I just keep a wet towel in my refrigerator and spread it on the floor in front of a fan. Cheap, not messy and works GREAT!!
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I don't personally see the need for cooling contraptions. My dogs stay in the a/c or get hosed with cold water if we're going on a walk. I tried the cooling beds, but Tanuk was terrified of it and eventually punctured it with one of his nails. The cooling bandanas are a complete waste as well, something around their neck is not going to cool them off a whole lot and they do not stay cool very long. Plus the little beads inside are toxic if ingested.

The easiest way to cool a dog off is to dip it's feet in cold water and to hose its tummy and groin with cold water. That's the best method, and then just let them air dry.

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we bought the large for our St Bernard. We've had it for over 2 years now with 2 Saints using it, a Beagle using it, and 4 cats laying on itm wrestling on it, playing on it. No punctures! It really is worth every penny we spent!!

cooling beds

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Thanks all!!
Some great options!! way to go

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My Mom bought my cooling collar at Calmingcollar.com It lasts 2-3 days and I highly recommend it. She also has the calming collar for my sisfur Monie which works wonders! YOU EVEN GET TO PICK YOUR OWN FABRIC AND THEN THE LADY SEWS IT FOR YOUbig grin

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LOVIN' all the suggestions!!! smile
THANKS, Roscoe!!

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I use the K&H cool beds with my huskies. The big dog loves his and uses it all the time. The other only like it when we are out at dog shows and in the car. You fil it with water once, remove the air and thats it. It needs to be kept out of the sun or else it will heat up. It works by pulling the heat out of the dog and transfering it to the floor. I live in spain in 40 degree heat in the summer and I wouldn't be without them. For putting in the car I empty some water out as they are heavy to lift when full.