Anybody know anything about Blue Buffalo Freedom for puppies....? is BB bad for pups...?

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Just for clarification purposes,Blue Buffalo is in fact an independent company. It is not owned by P&G. My dogs were on the Wilderness Formula but are currently on the "Freedom" with no issues. While we will continue to feed the "Wilderness" formula for variety,the freedom has given us the same results at a lower cost. At Petco $52/30lbs as opposed to $56/24lbs.
Choice of what to feed our dogs is very personal and needs to be based on what is good for them,what they will eat,and what they do well on,so I will not comment on that. I just wanted to pass on my experience and the fact that BB is not a P&G product.

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Exactly Mika&Kai way to go

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I have a 14 week old Wiemie and have had him on BB Freedom dry Puppy with a BBF canned topper for taste. I too performed an exhaustive assessment of the requirements for large breed puppies and concluded the protein level was important. I chose BBF because of the 27% protein and the reasonable fat, and moderate to low calcium. BB Wilderness puppy is actually fairly high protein, and from most of my research too high for an LB puppy.

The BBF puppy dry/wet combo has been great for my Weimie. He has appropriate energy, eats in moderation and has reasonably consistent stools. I have noticed that if I overdue the wet, he will get some loosening, so I keep it to about 2 tablespoon per 1-1/2 cups dry.

I am actually a huge Wellness fan for my cats, and have them on Core dry and wet. Yes, an investment, but worth it. That is probably where I became hooked on grain free, but fact is neither cats nor dogs have any use for grains. They are just filler. Wellness puppy is now back out, but looking at the ingredients it looks pretty packed, although very high quality as is the BBF puppy. Probably no reason to switch though.

Hope that helps.

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