Suprelorin Implant - Temporary Sterilization - how NOT to have puppies!

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Has anyone any experience with Suprelorin Implants?

I am thinking this is a viable solution for when I have an intact female in the house with my intact male.

I do not have kennels and I do not plan to breed my female but I do intend on competing with her/showing her so I will be keeping them intact.

Suprelorin is a drug released and authorized for use in Australia and the EU since the early 2000s. It's a chip implant that works for 6- or 12- month durations (depending which you want) that releases chemicals into the male's body which blocks testosterone production rendering a male sterile for the duration.

I'm thinking I will use a 6-month implant starting from early Fall, since the females cycle usually only 1x a year during the winter.

It is not yet approved for use in the USA but I was wondering if any of our overseas Dogsters have had experience with it or any other information on it.

Much thanks! I'm happy to have found what seems like a workable solution.

http://www.peptech.com/HTML/Animal_Health/Superlorin_general.htm l
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Ohhh? I thought the next Vlcak wasn't yours??