Albino Great Dane

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This IS NOT me promoting albinism at all. I am aware of the risks associated with it.

That said, albinism is typically caused by double merle breedings, right? So I'm confused... I read that the albino Dane has no skin pigmentation, and red eyes. Then I read that the white Dane can have some or a lot of pigmentation, but with blue eyes.

What's the difference with the red or the blue? I don't see ANY albino dogs with RED eyes. This has me confused. Also, it stated that the WHITE is caused by a double merle breeding - MM. Can't that cause albino as well?

I'm asking because I was browsing Kijiji and I repeatedly see a five month old Great Dane named Roo for sale. She is pure white, with a small gray patch on her right ear, light blue eyes and pink nose, pink around her eyes, pink paw pads, etc. In the camera, the pupils shine red. They have been trying to sell her since she was ready to leave her mom - I've seen her repeatedly, like I said and they have not been able to sell her. Could it be BECAUSE she's the color she is?

Or could there be hearing or vision impairment that the owners aren't stating in the ad that is the reason for her not getting sold yet. She's house broken and trained...

She's a gorgeous pup and if I was able to, I would look into her, but I can't right now and I just hope she finds a good home that will properly look after her.

SO... Those who know about the albino gene, can you answer my questions? I can probably put up a pic or two of her from Kijiji if people want it.
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There are no true albinos in dogs... for some reason it is a fatal gene in them and they do not survive from birth, if they do not die in utero. What you are seeing is the double merle or double pied gene, which usually also produces blue eyes but not always.

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Even without Toto's information, Iw ould have said the fact that she has a colored patch on her proves she's not truly albino.

Albinism is a complete lack of melanin which is what gives cclor, thats why white tigers aren't albino. They have stripes, they're leucistic.

It is possible they can't sell her because of health problems, which occurs with double merles, and if she was actually albino she would have health problems too.

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if the pupils shine red in her photo, it's probably just red-eye from the camera flash, and her eyes are probably blue. A small grey patch indicates she is a double merle anyway. "Albino" gets thrown around a lot without most people knowing what it really means.

The only health problems I know of in double merles are similar to other all-white, pink-skinned blue-eyed dogs- decreased vision with light sensitivity, strong chance of deafness, and susceptibility to sunburn, leading to skin cancer.

Edit- that color (mostly white with a grey ear patch) might NOT be double merle, actually. It could be extreme piebald (also called color-headed white, like most Pointers and many JRTS) with the merle gene also. I've seen this pattern before in a Collie, he definitely wasn't a double merle, knowing his heritage, but looked like one.

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Toto- what are albino Dobermans? Is that just some offshoot mutation?
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Yeah, it has something to do with fawn, and they don't have red eyes... they just have poor pigment.
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Interesting. And good to know. So it's still highly possible she has health issues caused by being what she is, yes? Potentially vision impairment, hearing impairment, skin problems, etc? What about the supposed shorted life span too? She is granddaughter of Tabarka de la Benjamine, a harlequin Dane.

http://img1.classistatic.com/cps/kj/110509/501r9/5540idk_20.jpeg is a photo of the puppy. Tried to find the jonradchenko thingy but couldn't, so could only post a link to one of her pictures. Isn't she cute?

The Monster
Barked: Tue May 10, '11 6:51am PST 
You can see two spots of colour on her knee. Not albino. Looks like a double(?) dilute.

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White Danes (as well as some other breeds) carry the genetic defect for deafness among other health defects. Poor Roo was likely the result of breeding 2 Merles or a Harlequin and a Merle. It's likely she is deaf, as most of the white danes are (Shelters always disclose, breeders -not so much).

Sad that a champions offspring fell into ignorant breeders hands.shrug

It's annoying to see some puppies labeled as Merle-aquin, or deceptively as light Harlequin or light Merle.