do you think arlowe is a BOXADOR??

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♥ Arlowe ♥

Best kisser in- the world!
Barked: Mon Mar 22, '10 3:58pm PST 
a boxador is a boxer / labrador retriever mix for those of you who didn't know. i really want to do a DNA test on him, but it is up to my sister. he has the charecteristics of a boxer-- happy, stubborn, LOVES to give kisses, LOVES to play, VERY friendly, LOVES to protect family and he almost has the same body structure of one and the same blocky head. i was looking at picture of boxadors and think he is pretty close to one. yes, i have asked this question a couple times before, but i just want more opinons. click on his main picture for more info and pictures, be sure to look at his dogster plus photos!! oh and we thought he was a pittie/lab mix but now that i look at him i think he is too tall to be one. what do you think?? is arlowe a boxador??

thanks again for all your help!!
~ arlowe's aunt

st. francis of- asses
Barked: Mon Mar 22, '10 4:56pm PST 
Arlowe, all I am seeing right now is the lab, but I must admit i am not very good at this. He is a great looking dog though!
Hershey Bear- (2003 - 2015)

Silly old bear
Barked: Mon Mar 22, '10 5:01pm PST 
I see mostly Labrador in him, frankly. If anything, Lab/Pit Bull. His head isn't Boxer-like at all.
All the traits you mentioned, pit bulls are like that too. wave

♥ Arlowe ♥

Best kisser in- the world!
Barked: Mon Mar 22, '10 5:34pm PST 
in the past year alot of people have said purebred yellow lab. both of his sisters plus him, have white on their chest and toes. although, his sisters were black and he is yellow, so the colors of the labrador. can purebred labs have white on them? and a really blocky head like he does? smile or maybe he got that from the pittie?? idk.....
Pippin CGC

King- Dingleberry!
Barked: Mon Mar 22, '10 5:51pm PST 
I see no Boxer in him...& I seriously doubt he is a purebred Lab either.wave

little miss- happy tail
Barked: Mon Mar 22, '10 5:53pm PST 
we used to have a purebred yellow lab who was pretty much white. the only thing yellow about her was her ears. BUT she was white all over... not just in select spots.

I can tell Arlowe is mixed with something. I dont believe he is a full lab... I just dont think its a boxer. If any of the "bully" breeds, I would guess pitty.
and p.s.... dont waste money on a DNA test... they are never that accurate anyway. wink

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Barked: Tue Mar 23, '10 5:50pm PST 
Lots of Lab and some bully breed - could be Pit - the eyes look it, but no Boxer. Labs come in several body types so the long legs aren't unusual.

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Barked: Wed Mar 24, '10 9:36am PST 
I'm not very good at this either, but I see LOTS of Pit in him. The eyes, the body structure...all say Pit to me. Gorgeous dog though!!

Barked: Wed Mar 24, '10 10:15am PST 
I say Pitador. Mostly lab but I do see some pit in some of his pics. No boxer. Both breeds, the pit and the lab both are friendly, lovable, loyal breeds.

Barked: Wed Jun 12, '13 7:27pm PST 
I think he may be a boxador. Here is a photo of my boxador Waldeaux, who also has a kind of "pit bull" forehead.
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