How warm do puppies need to be?

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Our puppy's "Long term confinement area" is a room off our kitchen. I guess it's supposed to be a pantry or something...it's about 10x10 and has two windows. We have shelves there but we've carefully moved everything chewable off the bottom two shelves.

There's no radiator in this room...just in the kitchen which is connected by a doorway (no door). But it does get a little colder than the rest of the house. It's 4°F out right now and I'd bet it's about 65°F in there whereas the rest of the house is about 70-72°. It's comfortable for a human wearing a sweater, but the tile floor does feel chilly on bare feet.

Our puppy will sleep in her crate in the bedroom with us, which stays pretty warm. And we won't leave her alone for very long (2-3 hours max) in the first few weeks. And she has a covered crate to go in. I'm just wondering if I should buy an electric heater to keep it warmer for her? I guess I'd have to leave it in the kitchen, cause I wouldn't want her chewing the cord...?

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I agree no heater in the room with the puppy!!!!!! How long for long time confinement, a few hours would make the crate a better option I would think, that is what we do with Kai. But if it is for a full 8 hours and you feel better with the room to potty and such then just put down a blanket or bed to keep puppy off the chilly floor 65 is not too cold, in fact both my dogs are well insulated hot blooded dogs, they prefer the coolest spots in the house.
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You might look into getting a SnuggleSafe. They're safe, they'll hold heat for more than the length of time you need, and the pets I know love them. big grin

That link is just one of many; you can get them through Amazon or a bunch of other places.


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If she has a warm soft bed with blanket to snuggle into, your puppy should be fine for a few hours in the daytime while you are gone.

Ummm unless she is a really delicate breed. Maybe ask your breeder if she has special needs.

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I’d think as long as it’s not drafty, and the puppy has blankets to bury under, she should be fine. way to go