What age to stop feeding Lab puppy 3 times a day?

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We have a 13 month old Yellow Lab and a 'almost' 6 month old Yellow Lab...At what age do I need to stop feeding Sampson 3 times a day and start feeding just 2 times a day?

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We only ever fed Trigger twice a day and still do to this day!
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I'm being fed three times a day, mom did twice a day when I hit 6 months but I ended up losing weight but I also have a digestive problem that the vet says should get better as I grow. So I will need to be fed three times a day until my first birthday, then we will try again.


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That can depend on you and your dog, but alot of people change to twice a day at six months.

Micky is fed three times a day at the moment, but I think six months we'll be what we change at too.
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We started Precious and Meepster on two times a day at the three month mark. They've been doing great. I guess it depends on the pup. I've heard of pups losing weight if you switch too fast. We did it gradually for Precious and Meepster. Fed them less the second time and more the third. However, we jumped right into it for Sakura and she did fine. I guess, find what works for Sampson. smile

EDIT: We switched Sakura at 6 months

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We do 2 times a day, because you don't want your dog to be obese or underweight either. Just make sure he eats, and keep him healthy, because labs tend to be more overweight, I don't know what it is, but that's what I have heard.

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Growing puppies should be fed 3-4 times daily until 6 months of age- otherwise they will be underweight. 6 months of age and older... twice daily plus treats. Mommy gives me 1 3/4 cups dry food mixed with 1/2 can of dry at 7 a.m. after my 6 a.m. walk, and then I eat again around 6 or 8 p.m.(depending on her work schedule) after my evening walk.
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Because you are a lab, which is a breed that is prone to bloat, I would continue to feed you three smaller meals a day. But thats just me!!!
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I agree with Bam-Bam, but what is most important is how much you feed him, not when. As long as your dog is getting the recommended daily feeding for weight and age, you're doing well!

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I would say feed three meals a day a bit longer to the 6 mth old, unless they put on too much weight. Quigs had three meals until he was about 8-9 mths, but he needed to bulk up. You can always feed a bit less, but still feed 3 meals if you feel your dog is putting on weight, but still looks for his 3 meals ,or put it in a kong or biscuit dispenser ball so he has to work for it. All dogs are different and you will know by your dog if he needs that mealdog