What is the strangest breed you've been mistaken for?

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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rub the belly- please
Barked: Sun Jun 22, '08 10:58am PST 
A lot of people think I am a Jack Russell Terrier....when my mom & dad adopted me the shelter told them I was a "Pointer mix" but they're starting to think I might be Brittany Spaniel mixed with some kind of hound...possibly Beagle. I'm a pretty interesting mix of something! big grin

I'm Just Little- On The OUTSIDE!
Barked: Sun Jun 22, '08 9:11pm PST 
One time a lady gasped and grabbed her kids, started backing away, and called me a Pit Bull

Also been called a Boxer and a Bulldog

laugh out loud

I'm a Mini Saint- Bernard!!!!!!!
Barked: Sun Jun 22, '08 10:41pm PST 
Pug[okie dokie if you think so]
Chi[Hello, my ears DROOP]
Brussels Grif.[Do not pass go, do not collect $200]
Basset mix[AANN! Try again]
Mutt[Definitely wink]
Walker/Peke mix[Warmer....]
Short-haired Peke[ No such thing.....]
Doxie mix[Slightly understandable -droop ears-]
Lab pup [wtf?]
Jack R. Terrier mix [You are the weakest link, goodbye]

I'm a Pealge. I am a Beagle mixed with a Pekingese. I am a MUTT!Woot!

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Mommy horse of- course
Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 12:35am PST 
huh let see the funniest!!

A horse

And the worse well not really but one of them here is your sign

Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 12:37am PST 
um the guy in the vet yelled pit bull why he was crawling across the desk hehe,Duh he must not no what a boxer looks like

Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 12:40am PST 
a black lab

and then i was called a mutt by some dumb breeder because he thinks his great dane are better,Man that made my mommy so mad.she even wrote one of his ads place to tell them he was dumb

aka Maddy Mad- Max
Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 1:36am PST 
A schipperke! (Pronounced Skipper Key). I had never even heard of this breed, but I looked it up and he does look just like this one.


Excep t Maddox is much smaller.

Move over cuz I- want to sit- there!
Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 7:45am PST 
Yesterday someone called me a panda. Not even close! laugh out loud laugh out loud

Silly dog,- tricks are for- puppies!
Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 7:51am PST 
Panda. laugh out loud

Since the Wisdom Panel results came back nowhere close to what Lobo looks like, anything but Cardigan Corgi/Standard Schnauzer/Scottish Terrier/Maltese is wrong. So, nope, no shepherd or greyhound or dingo or wolf. big laugh
Devonshire's- Lady Macey

I'm too cute to- get in trouble!
Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 8:48am PST 
nothing strange, but a "mini dobie" my mom kindly explained to the person there are not 'mini dobies" just miniature pinschers.. which is an older breed than the Doberman.. hehe
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