How long can dogs remember things?

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Does anyone know how long a dogs memory lasts

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My Sonja is 11 yrs old and hadn't seen her breeder since she was 8.5 weeks old. She got so excited to she her at a dog show last month...she did "kanga-poodle" (spins and bounces up and down) which is not her usual reaction to any person.

I believe they remember as long as we do.
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Barked: Wed Sep 26, '12 4:26am PST 
I think it depends on the dog. Jax would meet someone once, if she didn't see them for a few years, she would remember them. Kali, on the other hand, if months go by, she acts like she never saw them before. So, I think dogs' memory differs from dog to dog, just like humans.

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I think it also depends on the dog. I have had times with Okami where I was briefly teaching her something (teaching her to lay down on a specific mat on command), but I didn't do too much with it and after a short time I stopped training her with it. Yet almost six months later, when during this time I had not used this mat at all for anything, I brought it out and put it on the floor, turned my back for a moment, and when I came back there was Okami waiting patiently on the mat for a reward xP

Yet there is also my aunt's min pin mix. She's had this dog since she was a pup, and this dog is extremely attached to her, to the point where she has separation anxiety if my aunt leaves the room even for just a few minutes. Yet there have been several times when my aunt has left Skeeter with someone else for several weeks at a time for vacations/work travel/etc., and when she came back Skeeter growled at her, hardly recognized her, and took several days to a week to be comfortable around her again.

My aunt's dog may be a strange case for all I know, but it is interesting how some dogs remember things better while others do not.

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From what I've seen dogs very clearly have a tremendous memory. Sophie remembers exact spots where she has seen a cat or squirrel and returns to the same place even months later. And that dogs can remember commands for a lifetime. I also think they remember trauma. There has to be a reason why a dark parking lot with a searchlight turns her into a trembling mess, it must remind her of something. The other thing is people, they remember certain people, cats do too, but not so clearly.
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