Soaking puppy food

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Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 7:02am PST 
How long do you have to keep feeding dry food soaked?

I havent had a puppy in the house in 10 years! The breeder told me to soak his food for a couple of hours (which I think is a bit much!) but I didnt think to ask when I would be able to give it to him dry - & also whether I should soad some & give some dry or just change over straight away.

Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 7:28am PST 
I have never heard of soaking puppy food..... we've never done that with Champ. Hopefully someone with alot more insight will come along to help you with this.

Just some questions, have you tried to feed the dry food dry - not soaking it? How does Sparky do with that? I would think soaking it would make it easier for him to chew his food... so if he seems to do okay without soaking, I would think you'd be okay to switch to dry food without soaking.

However, I'm not an expert, just my opinion.

Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 8:47am PST 
I never heard of soaking puppy food either. My mommy bought some NutriCal (recommended by the breeder) to keep handy incase I didn't have a healthy appetite my first few days in a new place. It's a gel-like substance packed with nutrients. Other than that, she'd hand feed dry pieces of food until I got the hang of it - which came rather quickly!


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Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 8:56am PST 
I never soaked Odin's food. I would put in a little water or wet food to help soften it because when he ate he had a hard time. It would fall out of his mouth if it was to hard.
I would see if he has any issues with the hard food before adding any water, broth or wet food.

Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 9:18am PST 
I've seen tons of people do this with their puppies, particularly as weaning starts. We did it for lil Fynny when we first brought him home but stopped about a month ago when he started sneaking non-softened pieces of Cooper's kibble. It only takes about 5 minutes for kibble to soften with warm water though not an hour! To slowly wean them off of it otherwise if it's something you don't want to continue and pup is not keen on crunchy kibble right off the bat, simply add the water but set it down sooner and sooner. So start with softening for 5 minutes, then after a few days only wait 4 minutes, then after a few days only wait 3 minutes and so on. The kibble will soften less as you decrease the time so it'll be a gradual change and they'll be more accepting to it.

On a side note we still do it with our lab Trigger (3 years old) as he literally inhales his food. Adding the water prevents choking and aids in digestion - he literally doesn't even chew it otherwise. It's also a good idea for dogs that would otherwise tend to stuff themselves and then drink a lot of water as the kibble would then expand in the belly instead of in the bowl and could cause upset.

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Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 9:34am PST 
I've done this with all my puppies, and the rescue I got Millie from suggested I do it with her also (She's 5 months old). The shelter person said that it aids in their digestion? I'm not quite sure what the reason is, my thinking is it's easier for them to eat, which means it could aid in the digestion, and it gets some fluids in them if they are not a good drinker... and more fluids never hurt!
Now I just mix their food with water (for my one year old and the 5 month old) the longest I've ever let it "soak" which was for my dachshund when she was 7 weeks old was about 5 min... a few hours does seem extensive... I'd never remember to prepare it?

how old is the puppy? As long as they can chew hard food then it should be fine feeding it dry if you'd prefer. I dont think its a necessary thing to do, but its not a bad idea to mix some water in smile
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Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 11:07am PST 
I soak all my dogs food. It is supposedly better on their digestive system and it keeps my mutts from choking. If you use hot water the food should be soaked up in 10 minutes or less cepending on how hot the water is and how much food there is.

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Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 11:15am PST 
I heard it one time that it's not good to soak your puppy's food because there's high level of bateria in dry dog food because of the production process and storage process. When the food is wet the bateria can reproduce easily which is not good for your dog's health.

But that's just what I heard, I've never research deep into it. Anywyas, I don't soak my dogs food, they chew them up anyways. if you want something better for their digestive system, buy them canned food maybe.
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Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 12:51pm PST 
I tried to soak Leon's EVO but it wouldnt puff up for hours and hours. So I fed him some Innova canned (small can half each meal) and he would pick at the kibble. Now he's off the canned and totally on dry. No problems.

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Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 3:46pm PST 
Thats what Tallulah's breeder did but once she got home I have had a really hard time getting her to eat. She only likes dry kibble but has a hard time chewing it. She only likes Royal Canin. Not even canned Wellness puppy! She is driving me crazyyyyyy!!

Twice now she has gotten sick on an empty belly after not eating well all day and I so worry about hypoglycemia.
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