loss of appetite when losing teeth?

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Does this happen? It's hard to get Henry focused on his food. oddly enough, he's often eating one kibble at a time -taking it and moving it 5 feet away and eating it, then comes back for more. Obviously this isn't ideal when you're waiting for him to finish so you can go to work! If he's really hungry he'll eat from the bowl.

We are transitioning to a new food now, in case he was bored, -and he still has a great appetite for treats! could it be his teeth? so far, he's got his adult bottom front teeth (I THINK his top front are adult), his lower canines are growing in, and he has yet to lose his upper canines. Maybe his back teeth are bothering him?

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First off your so darn cute! Ava does the same thing, she takes one piece of Kibble and moves it away from her bowl and comes back for one more! I think her teeth are bothering her she is getting her adult teeth like Henry! I leave out a bowl of kibble so she can eat when she feels like it, she also gets wet food twice a day. Is Henry losing weight as well? I would keep an eye on his weight and hopefully its his teeth bugging him, he could be a finicky eater to!

Good Luck

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Henry which food do you eat? We had the same problem, if he is eating treats it is not his teeth. Imagine if you ate chicken every day on each 3 meals... quite boring!! you need to find a really good quality kibble...have him eat one flavor then slowly introduce other flavors which the same manufacturers make.

So you would feed him 'chicken' flavor until the bag has finished so for 1 month, then when you are at the bottom of the bag start to add in more of the new flavor over the space of 1 week.

I would not introduce another food unless you really have to because of the quality.

Put his food bowl down then give him a limited time to eat it. say 20 minites- if he does not eat it remove it until the next meal times. Soon he will he eating the food as soon as you give it to him. I Started This on Molly (she is almost 2 now) and she picked it up really quick so i am sure henry will. If you are worried it is his teeth then you could soak his kibble in water for 5 minutes & drain before serving.


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he was eating Innova puppy which is mostly turkey I beleive. He used to gobble it up. we're nearing the end of his second bag, so I decided to transition to Solid Gold Hunden flocken (sp??) which is lamb. I try to make sure he is eating the same amount daily (I'm just adding more to his bowl at dinner, and our dog walker leaves an empty bowl for us so I do know that he's eating his lunch...maybe he's starving by then.

his treats are usually soft rather than crunchy though, so that's why I wonder if it's his teeth.

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I've never had a dog lose their appetite while teething. Doesn't mean that's not what's happening here, just that I've never seen it.

And my guess is pup likes the treats because there's more yummy (junk/flavoring) stuff in them than there is in his run of the mill food. No different than kids favoring cupcakes over broccoli way to go

Have you consulted pup's vet? Perhaps his loss of appetite is due to something else like an ouchie tooth or tummy upset thinking

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When I was teething I lost my appetite. I even had diarrhea! I would only eat treats or eat my kibble piece by piece from someone's hand.

I lost a bunch of teeth at once which really made it hurt a lot when I ate but I would never pass on a treat! laugh out loud

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My guys never lost their appetite when teething. Maybe he doesn't care for the taste of the new food much? Max & Molly ate Hund 'n Flocken for a while, but never seemed to dive in the way they do on other foods. It sure was good for them though - their coats were beautiful!

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It's possible, just like in human babies that teething pain can cause loss of appetite, even a very slight fever. Lots of cold chewies (see chewing thread!) help to ease the pain.

If he's taking his treats and picky with his food..you guys are probably going to think I'm mean but I'd give him 20 minutes. If he doesn't eat it all the food is removed until the next meal. Now, being that he is just a puppy the next meal can be a half hour later, not literally "the next meal" as he does need food to grow! Often, I have found, switching diets all the time (not a rotation diet, but a desperate search for a food the doggle "loves") creates a picky dog..they aren't dumb...I wonder what goodies my human will give me today??

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My puppy Rory she is doing the same, start losing teeth and lose appetite
i took her to the vet and everything look fine, i try to put treat in her food but she will just pick the treat and walk away and i even tried chicken broth it didn't work she is pretty smart

she eat a little bit if i put food inside her kong toy

don't know what else i should do

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I would try canned food instead of kibble.