My 10 weeks old puppy is humping me

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 9:28am PST 
I have just noticed that my 10 weeks old puppy is humping my arm if I reach down to him.
I first saw it when a pal petted him and he humped his arm as well.

Will he stop this with time or is there something I should/can do about it?

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 9:37am PST 
I've always taught my dogs not to do that. Some say it's a dominance thing and some say it's not. I say it's rude and not pleasant for your guests, that's why I train them not to.
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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 9:55am PST 
I agree with Poitash...totally rude and undoglylike. I taught my dogs that humping is bad as well.


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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 10:15am PST 
my my getting a head start aren't we little one big laugh

Yeah, I agree with the others and advise you to discourage your pup at every opportunity. Aside from the whole dominance thing, it's good that your dog knows humping = bad. Otherwise, he might start humping all your house guests which will result in a lot of embarrassing situations.

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 11:59am PST 
My puppy started humping when she was 8 weeks. I was told it was a dominance thing. Next time she did this to me, I took her and roled her on her side, leaned over her and told her No firmly. She has never tried it with me or my husband since. I just made sure I was not mean or ruff. I was gentle and firm with my "No".
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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 2:43pm PST 
big laugh

It IS very embarassing! Kaiser started it at about 3 months old on occassion and was told it was not good stuff! But it seemed to accelerate at 5-6 months!!! eeeek! One stop speed race the vet - snip snip - and that was that! He still tries to do it from time to time to another dog... but usually gets growled at and then humped back! big laughbig laughbig laugh ACK!!! He doesn't even do anything about it when it's being done to him!!! I mean at least move away.. have some dignity!! big laugh

Just keep telling your puppy no no we don't do that to people!! He'll pick up quickly... pups always do! As long as you're consistent! It might all but disappear when he is neutered though some dogs never stop completely... as long as he knows to never do it to people! Kaiser tried to do it to my niece when he was a pup and my brother and father flipped out! My niece thought it was funny! I didn't like that my dog was getting trouble for something my niece was encouraging.

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Barked: Thu Sep 6, '07 7:09pm PST 
Hey one day he may grow up to be a senator, just keep your dog out of airport bathrooms and he will be ok ,, remember its a pup only 2 weeks away from his litter & mom
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Barked: Fri Sep 7, '07 11:30pm PST 
Isis isn't humping anything that has a pulse. Still she humps her teddy bear and she is only 9 weeks, and it can be semi embarrassing. Plus she is a she and that just seems weird.
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Barked: Sat Sep 8, '07 7:03am PST 
I know several dogs that have a special toy that they hump, I was told it was to "claim it as their own." For Herky he went through a phase where he would push the towel that he sleeps with into a pile and hump it. But he hasn't done that in about a month or so.
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Barked: Sat Sep 8, '07 7:27am PST 
I'm 3 years old and a girl and I hump ALL my toys.. well just the ones that are bigger than me!!! I used to hump other dogs, but not anymore and I never humped people.
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