Do puppies know their brother and sister?

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Grrr! I'm- GREAT!
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 5:14pm PST 
Hey Everyone!

Halle is doing great ,for everyone who knew about her struggling health issues. She is up to 36 lbs!!!

Well anyway, back to my question...

I adopted Halle back in April from a animal sanctuary. I got a call from the same lady just recently, I had kept in touch with her through all of Halle's health problems. Well, she wanted to tell me that Halle's brother will be up for adoption because sadly the people that had him were not taking proper care of him. He was being chained up outside and not fed properly. (P.S. Check out Kaden's page, he's under Halle's.)

Good news though... I am going to adopt Halle's brother Kaden! We are going to go pick him up next week.

My question is Do you think that Halle and Kaden will know they are brother and sister? They were born January 25, 2007 and probably havent seen each other since they were 8 weeks old.

I got skunked!- P-ew!
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 5:19pm PST 
They might recognize each other's scent.

Always my angel.
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 6:20pm PST 
That's so great that you're getting Halle's brother! Congrats on the new addition to your family! applausepartyapplause

thinking It's possible they could recognize each other, but if they do it'll likely be in more of a "Hey, I remember that guy..." kind of way rather than a "My long-lost brother! How have I lived without you?" kind of way. After all, sibling relationships for dogs aren't the same as humans - unaltered brothers and sisters housed together have no problem with trying to mate with each other, for example.


Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 6:58pm PST 
that is so wonderful ! cheercheercheercheercheer
Halle ..... your mom is "Pawsome"
hailhailhailHalle's Mom hailhailhail

Hump Hump
Barked: Sat Aug 25, '07 8:03am PST 
I dont know about the brother and sister thing , all I can say is that I dont see Rommel as my father , I just see another fat furry bulldog butt ,blocking my way to my food bowl & trying to get all the attention from mom !!! The Greedy Thug !! BOL hail

Catch me if you- can
Barked: Sat Aug 25, '07 11:17am PST 
My mom takes me to see my brother once a week or so. They very first time we met, we didnt know each other.

Life is good!
Barked: Tue Sep 18, '07 8:17pm PST 
Well I have had Kaden for three weeks now and he is great. He is very cautious of men and loves to be at my side at all times. We are working with him to gain some confidence. He is almost potty trained but is still having a few accidents. He has learned the commands "lay down, stay, down, and sit."

I wasn't quite sure if Halle and Kaden would know they are related but I kind of think they do. Kaden wants to be with Halle at all times. If I'm not around he's laying right with her. He wants to play with only her and but does warm up to the others if they ALL are romping around! When I had Halle and Kaden weighed at the vets they were 39.9 and 39.8 respectively. I think that Kaden does remember Halle's scent or something because he has just latched on to her!

On a side note, I have been looking that the pages from surrounding dog pounds and I am telling you that there are tons of good puppies and older dogs that are going to be euthanized cry and it is just breaking my heart. I wish I had more space and money to save these poor innocent babies! If you can help I urge anyone to help! I feel that we are losing a battle that isn't going to end anytime soon unless we all do what we can do, whether it's financially or by adopting! There's my rant... applause
Ursa Bella- Minima

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Barked: Tue Sep 18, '07 8:29pm PST 
I always like to think they do. I loved that Charlie Brown special where Snoopy went back to the "Daisy Hill Puppy Farm" for a reunion with his brothers and sisters. It was so cute.

I'm sure scientifically they probably do. Be it a familiar smell or some other kind of 6th sense.

Anyway congrats! Hopefully there won't be much sibling rivalry!
Goofball - CGC, CL1

Just Goofy.
Barked: Tue Sep 18, '07 11:11pm PST 
Good question.

My dog has visited her mother several times. I don't know if she remembers her though, remembers the home she came from, or remembers her first human mom. She did enjoy herself though and ran around with all the other dogs, but she followed me where ever I went and didn't follow the pack of dogs and her mom.

I would say possibly they recognize some aspect. I don't think that a past relationship would give a sudden connection that another random dog can't. Personality clash is always possible as well as temperament within the same litter.

Either way, that is nice you are adopting him. Give him the good life he deserves.
Addy, CGC

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Barked: Wed Sep 19, '07 8:15am PST 
Addy left her breeder's home at three months, and spent the next nine months several states away, in a home where she was not socialized with other dogs at all. At just shy of a year, she was returned to her breeder with severe fear-aggression towards any dog she didn't know--but she remembered and did fine with all the dogs in her breeder's home, who were her mother, sister, and cousins and (mostly) aunts.

I think they remember and recognize family. Scent counts for an awful lot.
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