ANOTHER potty training issue!

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Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 8:46am PST 
I know that there are at least five of these a day, but I couldnt find the info I needed and we are in DESPERATE need of help! Doogan is almost five months old and we are still having at least three accidents A DAY! We've tried crate training and he soils his cage indiscriminantly... the crate was plenty small enough and still it continued (for weeks). We were so frustrated that we didn't see ANY improvement that we decided to try a bigger crate in the hopes that he would at least stay out of it and we could cut down on baths, but he just LAYS in it.... just doesnt care. I dont know what to do.

We take him out every two hours at least to go potty, he knows that thats where he is suppose to go because the second we take him out he pees, everytime. If he has to poop, he starts looking for a spot right away... he just wont stop going in the house. It's like he refuses to hold it. We praise and treat when he goes outside, it's just tough because hes a rather aloof dog, so he's not all that into the praise. I am at the end of my rope.... if someone could PLEASE help, it would be more than appreciated!

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It sounds like you're doing everything right by taking him out every 2 hrs to potty and crating him. My dog was the same way. We crated him, took him out often & he didn't go in the crate but he still peed in the house until he was about 7 months old. I talked to a canine behaviorist who said he was just stubborn w/ training. Try using neutralizing cleaners for the carpet and crate (Like Nature's Miracle, etc) to make sure the urine smell is removed and prevent him from urinating (marking) his spot. Hope this helps.

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My little Bailey does the same thing... she is a little over 3 months, but regardless of what is in her crate or the size of her crate, she pees and just lays in it. We were giving her baths all of the time because it was just soaked into her, and then we felt bad because we didn't want her skin to dry out as a result of the baths! It has been a viscious cycle so far. However, I made a post in the other behavior and training forum and I have gotten alot of good responses. We are definitely going to try that concept of heading into the crate tired and empty!!

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Hi Doogan! Sorry to hear you are being a stubborn pup. I can sympathize because Fig was just like you! She was doing great right after she came home in Oct, but then the cold and snow came and she totally stopped doing her work outside. I was at wit's end and then we got a doggie litter box. It works like a charm--you are bound to be quite a bit bigger than Fig (who is 14 lbs), so I don't know how this would work for you, but once Fig got her litter box she hasn't gone anywhere else in the house since.

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Here's an idea. Have your dog leashed to you at all times. That way you can catch him in the act if he does start to pee. Then reprimand (say, "NO" in a firm voice... or actually, I prefer "Eh!") and immediately pick him up. Most dogs will stop peeing if you pick them up. I hope that yours will too. Then immediately bring him to the correct spot to pee. Obviously, treat & praise accordingly.

The point is that you will be able to catch him in the act all the time because he is attached to you.
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hmm it makes me wonder if his smelling is up to par?
maybe hes having a problem else where if things are not working out for you frown
Crate training worked wonderful for me. Is there any place he will absolutely not go?
Pixie Dust

Once You Beagle- You Never Go- Back
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Don't know why it posted twice frown
I wish I could help frown Create training worked wonders with pixie, shes got a bell at the door and rings it to go out, shes fully potty trained unless she gets down stairs, which is blocked off until I can trust her.

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I got four baths thursday!

I know that's no help.....but you are not alone.

I'm 2 years, and been with mommy for 3 months.
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Once they lose the "clean den" behavior and start going in their crate, it's very hard to break them of it but it can be done. With Daisy, it's taken us 2 years and she's still not 100% reliable, especially while we're gone during the day.

It sounds like you're doing everything right and as long as you're using an enzyme spray to break down the smell, it should work. It takes lots of patience but if you're consistent, they should eventually learn.

Good luck!