Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Its all about- me....Madie!!!!
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 1:25pm PST 
Im suppose to be getting Madie spayed at the end of this month. She will be 4.5 months old. Is this a good idea? Im so nervous about this its not even funny. The thought of leaving my baby overnight kills me.

Xena Puggle:- Curtain Slayer!
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 1:37pm PST 
We got Xena spayed right around 6 months. It was hard to leave her overnight, but its a pretty simple procedure and many, many dogs get spayed every day. I know you are worried, but dogs get spayed all the time. I'm sure Madisyn will be fine--she will just be a bit sleepy afterwards, that's all! smile

Ding! The Fries- Are Done!
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 2:06pm PST 
I know you are nervous about it. I was with Joy. I don't know if I would get her spayed that early though. I am sure people will beg to differ with me. (because shelters spay before puppies go out the door, I know) But if you have the option to wait I would at least wait until she is at least 6 months old. Joy was about 8 months when I got her done. Just my opinion, but you are the mommy and can do what you wish. big grin

My vet told me that they wanted to wait as close as we could before her first heat cycle so she would have more time to develope, but she is also a Giant Breed.

Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 3:32pm PST 
It can be done even younger, usually safely, but that's usually for shelter animals, to make sure they do get spayed/neutered. For a dog who's already in the hands of a responsible owner who is committed to spaying/neutering their pet, 6-8 months (aiming for right before the first heat cycle for females) is what's usually recommended. Sometimes even later for some breeds, depending on when they normally mature.

Is there a reason for spaying Madie so young. I know no one would want to discourage you, if there's any medical or practical reason for doing it now.

It's true that spaying is major surgery, but it's routine major surgery, something every vet has lots of experience doing. If your vet says that this is a good time to do it, she's going to be fine. She'll have a couple of days of being easily tired, and then she'll bounce back and want to be her normal playful self days before the vet wants her to start running and jumping again!

Veni vidi vici!
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 4:14pm PST 
Hi Madie,
No worries-- Bella was spayed at the ripe old age of 8 weeks (she weighed less than 5 lbs then). It's standard procedure for the rescue group where we got her from along with most shelters. As far as I know, there have been no fatalities!

Just make sure to follow the doctor's instructions-- no food or drink after 8-9 pm the night before. It's actually in Madie's best interest to keep her there overnight. If any complications arise (God forbid), the vet and/or vet staff will be right there to help! I wouldn't want to take my puppy back the same day she had surgery, and have to take her to the emergency room should anything happen.

Of course, spay/neuter is surgery that requires anesthesia, so there is a very teensy chance of complication, albeit small. Keep in mind that this percentage is so overwhelmingly outweighed by the pros of the surgery (and the success rates of most pets).

Secondly, I would only really worry if Madie had a condition such as cryptorchidism (in males with one descended testicle), was currently pregnant (this is more complicated a surgery), or had some other medical condition or allergy to the anesthesia.

She'll just be groggy and not as active after the surgery. If she's a scratcher, the vet will recommend a victorian collar for a few weeks until the staples are removedsmile

Hope this helps!



Its all about- me....Madie!!!!
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 5:29pm PST 
the vet didnt recommend to do it then...he just said anytime between 4-6 months is the best. I chose to do it then because Im off the first week in July and I`ll be home with her to make sure shes ok.

All you need is- love :)
Barked: Thu Jun 14, '07 8:38pm PST 
AbsoLUTEY a good idea. Good for you. It's hard to leave them and they may be dopey a bit when you get them back. But you will have a happier and healthier dog for it..

Good luck with everything...
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 6:21am PST 
That's a good, practical reason then; it's within the timeframe your vet recommends, and it's when you can be home with her after the surgery. I wish I could have been home with Addy afterwards; instead, I had to rely on my neighbor to check on her. Which was fine; she's totally reliable and Addy is comfortable with her--but I would have been happier if I could have been there!

Adopt an Adult- Dog! Save a- life!
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 7:19am PST 
I've heard of puppies getting spayed or neutered as young as 8 weeks or younger. It depends on what the vet is comfortable with. There are no health advantages to waiting until after her 1st heat. Vets usually charge more to spay during heat because there is more risk of blood loss. Lily was spayed during heat, but she was adopted at the age of 2. Westley, her brother, got neutered at 12 weeks.

She will be dopey from the anesthetic, but that doesn't last long. One benefit of spaying young pups is that they heal faster than adult dogs. All you really have to watch out for is picking at stitches and infection.

Is your vet doing blood work before the surgery?

Kudos on the decision to get your girl spayed. It is the responsible thing to do!

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Fri Jun 15, '07 8:25am PST 
We had our girl missy spayed 3 months ago aged 4yrs old.The reason we left it so long was because of the same reason as you basically, i couldn't bear the thought of her being away from me or if anything went wrong. She didn't even stay in overnight, she was operated on in the morning and we could pick her up in the afternoon!! At first we was upset with what we had done as missy couldn't stand or eat and she looked so ill,she had internal bleeding during the operation and the vet needed to see her the next morning.Thankfully everything was ok and missy was standing and eating the next day and within 3 days she was back to her normal self big grin
Vets do advice to get a bitch spayed before they even have there 1st season between 5-6months old, it's much easier to do it while the dog is young, fit and healthy.However i haven't heard of vets advising to spay a bitch at 8weeks old!! The dog is still growing at this age and this is a much riskier operation due to the fact the dog is extremely young for invasive surgery.4.5months is proberly just acceptible but i would personally wait untill she was 6months old.
Good luck and hope all go's well way to go
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