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Barked: Thu May 31, '07 7:33pm PST 
Im getting doggie number 4 a bulldog pup 8wks old in a week or two and I want some advice on crate crying. I have heard moms block out delivery becuase of hte pain and maybe I have blocked out first night home for my other dogs because it was difficult becuse I only have fuzzy memories, really bad because it was only 4 yrs ago. I plan on crating puppy at night in my bedroom where I hubby, and other dogs sleep. I have bought kongs etc. I would like to prevent crying as much as possible becuse we do have close neighbors and my others dogs are quiet as mouses except when someone comes to the door. I have bought kongs. Does anyone have any advice, besides the obvious dont reinforce crying by letting him out of the crate?

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Don't know if this'll help you or not, but here's what we did....we visited our pup once a week for a few weeks before he could come home. The breeder had toys in with mom and the pups...each pup took a toy home, so the smell of mom and littermates were on the toy. We left an old sweatshirt at the breeder's also, with mom and puppies, a week before bringing him home.

We put the crate right by the bed, on my side, so I could hear him when he needed to go potty during the night at first..and to help soothe him. He was right by us, and could hear us breathing...and had the old sweatshirt in the crate, with the smell of mom and littermates on it. He cried quietly a bit the first night, so I just dropped my arm next to the crate; the crying stopped. That helped him, plus the fact he smelled the smells from the sweatshirt.

I think all of that helped soothe him, and he didn't cry after the first night. We were pretty lucky with that.

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Tucker's solution sounds great! But if for some reason you don't have time to leave a sweatshirt or something of the sort with mom and littermates, you may just want to leave something you've been wearing in the crate once your puppy has been around you a little. 2 days after we got Bella I had to go to work and leave her in the crate until my lunch break. Since she'd had 2 days to get used to me and would know my smell at least a little, I put the shirt I had been sleeping in in her crate and that seemed to help I think.

Something else that seemed to help us was placing the crate somewhere out of the way, but near everyone and everything, like in a living room, while you're at home and leaving the puppy in there for a little bit at a time while you're right there. That way they know you're not going anywhere and they know you're going to be there to let them out and play with them soon. Then you can leave the room for something like 15 minutes, then 30, etc. It might help to build up the time gradually, if possible. The puppy should begin to realize that even when you leave them in the crate, you will be coming back and hopefully that will help lessen the separation anxiety.

One more thing- sorry so long! If the crying is really bad or doesn't seem to stop, you may want to consider looking into Bach Flower Essences Rescue Remedy, which is a natural homeopathic remedy to help with anxiety, nervousness, and a myriad of other anxiety-related problems. A lot of vets recommend it for travel as well. Here's the website if you'd like to take a look...hope this helps!



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Thanks for the great advice. We are in the process of moving to our new house so initially puppy will be in our apartment with our other dogs. He will be crated when were not home with frequent check ins. I plan to keep him in our bedroom (crated) at night where me myhusband and all the other dogs sleep. Hopefully this will work out and the crying wont disturb the neighbors until we move to our house where it wont be such an issue

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You already have three other dogs so I'm sure you know plenty, but just a side suggestion...you might want to speak to your neighbors just so they know what's going on. Let them know he may cry due to seperation anxiety but you're going to be doing your best to take care of it so it doesn't bother them too much (also, so it doesn't freak them out, BoL!). I think they'd really appreciate the consideration plus it would help to ask any of them that are home during the day if he's been crying, just so you can take note of his progress. Just my $0.2 big grin

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Here's what we did with Helix:

1) The breeder gave us a little fleece blanket for him that his mom and littermate had slept with so it had their smell.

2) The breeder new we would be crate training, so they offered to start getting him used to a crate the week before we got him. They left a crate in their pen and they locked him in their occasionally and at night so he would get used to being away from the other pups. This step helped A LOT but it may not be feasible for most breeders (we had an amazing breeder!).

3) We covered his crate in a blanket, and put the small fleece blanket inside with a mattress (later removed due to destruction party). We also put a small hot water bottle wrapped in a towel and a ticking clock (where he couldn't reach it).

4) His crate was positioned right beside the bed, facing it, so that we could put our fingers inside if needed. Since that first night, he has always gotten a homemade biscuit when he goes into his crate for bedtime. He expects it now and as soon as his crate is moved into the bedroom, he runs to it and gets inside and waits for his biscuit smile.

We were really lucky with Helix. The first night we had him he cried for about a minute and then slept through the whole night and has ever since (except for the occasional 5 am pee when he just can't hold it any more!).

During the day, he gets all the same things including a rubber toy and a kong filled with plain yogurt and frozen. We scatter treats in the crate for him to find and this keeps him occupied when we leave so he doesn't start to cry. he runs to his crate now in the morning when he knows we're about to leave.

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The first night mommy brought me home, she put the shirt she was wearing in my crate, so that it would have her smell on it and I would feel more comforted. She left it in the crate the next day too while she was at work.

Also, try filling that kong with peanut butter. I LOVE peanut butter, and it's good for us too. Plus, it keeps us actively busy for a short bit and it's soooo got to lick out!



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My Mommy also did the shirt trick - she took a shirt she was wearing and placed it in my crate... it was a security thing for me. I felt much more safe when I smelled her shirt.
Now that I am bigger Mommy does not even need to put the shirt in there.
I cried for the first couple of days but Mommy and Daddy were good - with Daddy's firmness - on not taking me out of the crate when I was crying. Now I never cry at night when I am in the crate.
There are even times when I am bad and have to be put into time out - in my crate/house and I do not cry. It really has become my den and a safe place where I can be!

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American bulldogs are great!

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Well, my mommy didn't put me in the bedroom. She actually thought it would make it worse, because then I would see her and be more lonely. In my crate, she put an old towel that became "mine," and a few safe chew toys. The first night, I only cried for about 10 min, and then woke up 2 times. Mommy didn't take me out because she didn't want me to get used to getting out in the middle of the night to go potty.

By night 3, I was sleeping through the night! During the day, I REALLY like my Kong! Mommy puts peanut butter in and freezes it over night. Then, she uses Kong Stuffing that is breathpaste on the top - I love it! Also, she leaves the door open all the time, so I can go in and out as I please. Sometimes I go in just because - and I take the toys out of there sometimes. Lately, I haven't had to be in my kennel much, so alot of the time, I won't finish my kong - I go get it and finish it out of my kennel!

Now, at night, even when mommy WANTS me to sleep with her, I prefer my kennel. I usually wake up at 1:00 if I'm in her bed, and want to go straight to my kennel. Can't wait to meet your new friend!