Motion sickness? He can't stand the car! HELP

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Hi eveyone!

I brought my puppy home last Saturday and I'm having problems with him in the car. He cries and gets really sick (including a lot of vomit) Is this common? Any suggestions on how to deal with it? I have to drive home with him this weekend (after a week's stay with my parents). It's a 3.5 hour drive and I'm anxious.

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My puppy does the same thing....First I would try calling the vet and see if they have any suggestions but other than that I just let my baby look out the window and that seems to help. Good luck
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It's a pretty common problem in puppies, from what I hear. Most grow out of it. Tragically enough, Chii never did. x_x

I do have some tips though. Sometimes, it's more that the dog is scared of the car than the motion. It's best to just take the dog out, and sit with him or her for a short time. Don't go anywhere. Just sit there. Then another time, put the dog in the car, sit for a while, then just drive around the block. Continue doing this, and keep driving farther distances each time. This does sometimes help.

One thing I've noticed that does help Chii a lot is if we bring another dog with us, and put her crate in a direction where she can see the other dog. It calms her down quite a bit, actually!

If all else fails, you can get Dramamine from the vet. That's almost guaranteed to stop the problem.

Good luck!

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I know dramamine works, and some people have luck with herbal flower remedies and calming essential oils.

I think Premier makes a product (it's called a Calming Cap, they wrote up a review in WDJ a few months back on their article about dog safety in the car - it was October '06, Riding in Cars with Dogs), and it's a cap that goes over the dog's head and it still allows them to see, but somewhat restricts their vision.

Here's a link to the product page:


And the product description is as follows:

The Gentle Leader® Calming CapTM is a new behavior management aid that is designed to lessen a dog's anxiety or aggression in high-stress situations.

The Calming Cap was designed by Trish King, CPDT CDBC and director of Behavior & Training at the Marin Humane Society, in collaboration with Lisa Moore, CPDT. The Cap was developed originally to ease hyperactivity in a dog that became agitated while traveling in a car. Since then, pet owners and professionals across the pet industry have used the Cap to quiet and calm anxious or excitable dogs.

How It Works

The Calming Cap reduces the visual stimulus that makes a dog
agitated by filtering his vision. The single-panel sheer fabric window
makes the dog's vision indistinct, while allowing the dog to easily
navigate his surroundings.

Quality Features

Single-panel sheer fabric window offers enough vision to confidently navigate surroundings while reducing the provoking stimulus.
Soft fabric and elastic fit provides maximum comfort.
Two Velcro® strips wrap around the collar allowing for easy on/off use.

Available in four sizes!

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I have the same problem. Mommy thought at first it was the shots I was getting at the vet, since it was only happening on the way home from the vet. But then it started happening everytime we were in the car for more then 20 minutes. Mom says she has heard the ginger snaps are supposed to help. She is going to try that next.. maybe you mom can try that too.... Good luck!

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I used to have this problem ALL the time. This is our experience, and I hope some of it will help:

Mom tried ginger snaps. I loved them, but they didn't work.

She tried dramamine (1/2 tablet) and it worked most of the time, but I still HATED getting in the car. She thinks I associated getting in the car with getting sick. Like a child not wanting to get into a stroller, I would stiffen my body and refuse to get in the car.

Grandma started to visit our house a lot. Not thinking anything of it, she would leave the door open between the house and the garage, and one day left the car door open in the garage. I hopped in on my own to explore her car and a while later she found me sitting in there quietly.

They started doing this with Mom's car. I did the same thing. Seems I just needed to "sniff things out" for myself. Now I hop in the car no problem and haven't been sick in months. (And before I would get motion sickness everytime we went anywhere for over a year.)

I think after a few times of getting sick, like a person, I came to expect it, and needed some experiences on my own terms where I wouldn't get sick. The only other thing we can think of is, Mom used to keep me belted in with my harness so I wouldn't move around all over the car. Now she lets me sit where I want (except the driver's seat - I sure wish my county "license" allowed that!).

Of course, when I'm in the car, Mom also tries to watch her driving all the more. You know, I'm precious cargo. snoopy

I still cry sometimes, but that usually is me trying to tell mom, "Hey look - grass and trees! Isn't it time for a potty break?"

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Maxzilla was the same way when he was a pup. He grew out of it and now he loves the car, but I still have to put the windows down a bit, even in the winter. If the windows aren't cracked he still throws up. I think it has something to do with the fresh air and the fact that he is more likely to look out the window. I would talk to your vet before your big trip to see if s/he can give you something to help out. Good luck!