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Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Fastest Puppy in- the Park!
Barked: Sat May 5, '07 2:38pm PST 
Where did you get yours from...
What is the cheapest but has good quality toys?

I'm adorable, I- know I can't- help it....
Barked: Sat May 5, '07 2:43pm PST 
I find that Petedge has great toys that are durable and cheap. and they have a lot of no shipping deals!! Good luck!!

I worry enough- for all of us!- :-(
Barked: Sat May 5, '07 2:50pm PST 
Hi sweeite! As strange as it sounds, mom has found us some amazing toys at various dollar stores! We prefer to demolish toys by pulling the stuffing out and then leaving their sad little carcasses laying around the house, so mom started looking at the dollar stores. Sometimes they have great toys, sometimes not so great, but for $1, eh, it's worth a shot! wave

Mia Bella

Just a little- girl!
Barked: Sat May 5, '07 3:13pm PST 
We second the idea of petedge. Their toys are usually around $1.89 for really nice large toys! They are a dealer that many pet stores and groomers order from so their stuff is really cheap!

Can I have a- cookie?
Barked: Mon May 7, '07 12:11pm PST 
Love them to pieces...literally!!!
Great prices, friendly staff, and a wonderful return policy.

born to pose
Barked: Mon May 7, '07 12:44pm PST 
Honestly?! While my lady has been known to spend stupid amounts of money at the boutique stores, we LOVE LOVE LOVE upco.com and various farm stores. Cheap bully sticks! And of course there is always Open houses and animal events around town where all the animal drug companies and stores give away free goodies! That is the best!

Until there's- none, adopt one.
Barked: Mon May 7, '07 12:47pm PST 
We also like to rip out the stuffing, then the heart(the squeaker), but Beau will usually bury the carcass in the back yard. We actual like the cheaper made toys because he can destroy them easier.

We have a store called "job Lot" here where we get a tone of toys from, on the cheap, and the same brands as the big pet store chains.

Addtionally, Christmas Tree shops have good, cheap dog toys. We just bought a whole bunch of stuffed toys(we call them "babies") of different animals, each one makes a different animal sound, a monkey, a duck, etc. They were 3 bucks each. They have been left out in the rain, chewed, stomped and their still working.

aka chunky- monkey
Barked: Tue May 8, '07 12:04am PST 
My mommy's secret...baby toys. I am a shih tzu and I love, LOVE baby toys. Mommy bought me a teething bear (stuffed bear with rubber teething parts on the hands and feet) for a fraction of the cost that something similiar in the pet store sells for. Now with garage sale season upon us, Moomy can get them even cheaper! I loves anything by lamaze, baby einstein etc. They are great. They squeek, crinkle, rattle etc like the dog toys, they usually have dangley things, plus being made for babies they are pretty indestructible. There are ones similiar to the hide a squirrel toys where the dog has to figure out how to get the squirrels out. Mommy paid $20 for that toy and found something similiar at a garage sale for $2. Plus it made noise when you pulled out the animals (it was a circus tent made by manhattan toys. There were several animals and each animal makes a noise as you pull it out of the opening at the top or side).

Just last weekend, Mommy got 11 baby toys for $15 at a garage sale. All of them were either lamaze, fisher price, tiny love etc. All are stuffies that either rattle, squeek, crinkle etc. They all look better than brand new, several have 3 or 4 smaller stuffies dangling off of them (making for even more toys) .......toy heaven! Now we can really rotate the toys so I doesn't get bored.

So that's my secret as to where we get dog toys. SSHHHH don't tell because I want mommy to get more this weekend.

Veni vidi vici!
Barked: Wed May 9, '07 1:03am PST 
Hi Zoidberg,
What a cool name! So uberunique! hehe

My Mum occasionally goes to Walmart for doggie toys--she figures why spend a fortune on stuff she can get at cut-rate prices. They've got lots of other doggie supplies too~

Target has a large selection of doggie toys (including attire if you're interested) and suppliessmile

If you're ok w/waiting, you can always go to www.petdirect.com-- they always have weekly specials, discounts, and good deals.

Hope this helps!


Jack, CGC

It's hot out- here, can we go- inside?
Barked: Wed May 9, '07 8:55am PST 
I haven't found a better deal on toys, treats, collars, leashes, basically EVERYTHING for dogs, than on:


They ship quickly, and it's free for orders over $49. They are great about returns and their customer service line is excellent as well.

Most things cost about HALF the price of Petsmart, or other similar pet stores.
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