sleeping on the bed

Got a new, young, furry love in your life? This is the place for you to ask all of your questions-big or small! Just remember that you are receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a vet or behaviorist! Most important is to remember to have fun with your new fur baby.

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Are you going to- eat that?
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 6:00am PST 
Do you let your puppy sleep on the bed?

Sebastian takes brief naps on mine sometimes when we are hanging out together. I think we would both love if he could sleep up there all night, especially now that the weather is getting warmer and crates can be so stuffy.

What do you pups think? shrug

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Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 6:24am PST 
Hi Sebastian!!! wave I always sleep on the bed with my pawrents! They love to have me close and cuddly! xoxo River

What's Heidi- doing?
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 8:07am PST 
I let Tucker come into bed with me in the mornings for about 2 hours after her gets out for a bathroom break but before we go for our morning walk. He's getting better at the actual sleeping part... it's definitely fun to have him in bed with Heidi and I. I don't know about all night though, he would probably decide to play at 3am! I never let Heidi sleep in the bed until she was about 6 months or so, but then it took longer to "train" her to actually sleep in there with me. I'm hoping that by letting the little guy up there earlier, he'll be joining us sooner!

I think we'll need a bigger bed! LOL dog

Thalia Rose

I'm- Home at- last!
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 8:11am PST 
We get to sleep on the bed and we are BIG dogs! The pack likes to sleep together!snoopy

Blue Cheese...
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 8:41am PST 
my big 60 pound self gets to sleep on the bed with my brother and mom and dad. i keep mom's feet warm but sometimes i like to steal covers. hehe

Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 8:52am PST 
Hello Mommy lets Kendall and I sleep on the bed. But, sometimes I sleep under the bedsnoopykitty

Roscoe the Human
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 9:15am PST 
momm lets me sleep on the bed...i have my own bed next to hers, but that hasn't been used in awhile. i'll still sleep on it sometimes, but most of the time i sleep with mommy. sometimes i'll even wrap my body around her head on her pillow!cheercheer
♥- Bree Berry- ♥

♥Yes I'm- That Cute! - ♥
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 9:26am PST 
When I got Sasha I moved to an empty bed room and put a small mattress down and slept there with her. That was her room and I slept there for about 6 months until she was old enough and trained enough to go to her Potty pad and get on and off the bed. (Did I tell you she was spoiled!)

When I got Petey I had a him sleep in a play pen until her was trained enough to go on and off the bed and go to his potty pad.

That is what I am doing with Bree. Until she can ge on and off the bed and go to her bathroom with no accedents than she will be able to come on the big bad.
Although we do take naps together...

wanna give me a- tummy rub?
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 9:55am PST 
I let Charlie sleep almost anywhere during the day except for my bed and at night, into her crate she goes... I had been told when I adopted her by the people that work at the shelter and by my vet that it would be really bad for Charlie to sleep on my bed due to dominance issues. Like she would think she was on the same level I am and it would cause behavior problems so I should get her to sleep in a crate that is not in my bedroom. Since Charlie is my first dog, I didn't question them but seeing so many of you letting your dogs sleep on your bed, was I given bad advice?
Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 10:04am PST 
Both of my big lugs and the kitties sleep in bed with me. Dominance shmominance!
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