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The Whoopster is- in Da House!!!
Barked: Fri Aug 3, '07 10:47pm PST 
Puli's are wonderful dogs, my name is Whoopie and I make my mommy laugh. We are playful sheep herding dogs, good with kids, and other dogs. I like to run, and fetch sticks, balls and anything else mom tosses at me, she loves to play with me.cheer We are also very intelligent, snoopy and love the great outdoors. If you want to see my picture - look me up. Thanks for stopping by my family. Whoopie party
Rowan IN- LOVING- MEMORY 92-09

truly madly Puli
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 9:19am PST 
Hi Woopi

Yes the old saying Its not a dog its a Puli sure applies to us doesn't it I'm 15 years old now so have mellowed a bit (ie i no longer greet everyone by bouncing 6feet in the air and licking their face but I still expect to be walked 2 miles each day dog.

My folks wouldn't be without a Puli i am sadly now their only Puli as i outlived my nephews Harvey and Dillon though I did have the company of Cooper a lovely boy we fostered for a few months, I will have a Puli pup to "mother" next year which will be great fun.

Love the photo of you on the beach, my favourite walk in all the world is at a beach not far from us, though I no longer try the cliff walk as I used to, i simply stick to the sand and leave the energetic to younger dogs.
Marley In- Loving- Memory- '92-08

Marley the- Magyar
Barked: Tue Nov 6, '07 12:16pm PST 
Hi Rowan...wow...didn't think I'd find another Puli older than me! I love the beach too...we go to Lake Michigan every summer and my mom cuts my cords short so I don't sink to the bottom. I LOVE to swim! smile

I was best man for my mom's wedding two summers ago. She and my new dad got married on the beach at Lake Michigan. I got to wear a white bowtie. My step sister Lucy was maid of honor and ring bearer.