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Otus- Magnusson

Barked: Fri May 20, '11 10:04am PST 
Before I owned a pug, I was not allergic to dogs, no matter how much they shed. But then I bought our pug, his shedding and dander has converted me into a major allergy sufferer, and now I am allergic to all dogs frown x100

I have heard a rumor that a mutation/attribute of the pug breed is that only low percentage of pugs develop a downy undercoat (similar to a cat), while the rest do not. Our beloved pug buddy DEFINITELY has this dander, even after scrubdown, only a day later when you rub against his coat you can see the fine particulate dusty dander. He has a beautiful, soft, non-bristly coat, and we feed him excellent natural raw food according to the breed recommendation. He is the son of two champion pugs, with strong pedigree lines, and also is in excellent health, breathes better than most pugs, and is very athletic.

So, three questions:

Does anyone know where I can access information about pugs developing this dander/downy undercoat?

(Aside from my taking Zyrtec like it was going out of style,) are there things I can do to reduce the dander? special shampoos? frequent bathing? different dog food?

Lastly, is it true black pugs shed significantly less than silver, fawn, and apricot?

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