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jewels lolita

jewels jewel of- our hearts
Barked: Thu May 6, '10 5:08pm PST 
My pug barks at people who come to the house like any dog would but when they leave she has a barking fit! she hates it when they leave any other puggies do this? blue dog

Cover Hog!
Barked: Sun May 23, '10 4:46pm PST 
I bark when we have visitors because I get so excited! I love company! I whine when they don't pet me! I also bark at the vacuum, and anything out of the ordinary. Everything has a place, and when it's out of place, I'm not happy!

Barked: Thu Jul 1, '10 7:02pm PST 
You mean that muffled sound coming out of her mouth? smile How about when you pick them up when someone comes to the door and they sound like a dying cat??? That's what I have!

Daisy Mae

Cute? Yeah,- that's me.
Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 4:58pm PST 
Mommy laughs at my funny bark. I do my funny bark at the cat when he hides from me. Mommy laughs because of the way my bark sounds and because my ears go back so far it looks like my eyes are going to pop father out of my head! I have a real and serious bark I do to let mommy know when I want outside. I sometimes bark at visitors, but I am usually so busy remembering the rules (sit and wait to be petted, no jumping, and no face kisses) that I forget to bark.
♥- Lolita- ♥

Don\'t clean- your house, I\'m- a pug vacc
Barked: Tue Apr 19, '11 8:21am PST 
Yes, Lolita does it too. I thought she was the only one. She barks and gets mad when people leave, it's just hilarious. I thought that was just her, but seems like other pugs do it too. At first, it was kinda weird to me since I've never seen dogs barking when people leaves the house only when guests come and that's their normal behavior. I guess I shoudn't worry about it now. i really don't do anything about it, just laugh at her cuz she sounds funny. But eventually she'll stop, her bark is only for a few seconds, so no biggy!

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Barked: Tue Apr 3, '12 4:34am PST 
My pug, Stoney, barks and go crazy whenever someone leave the house. I thought he was the only one who did that strange behavior. I guess it is a common behavior. I have another pug, and she does not bark most of the time. Stoney also barks when we go for a walk and he sees another dog or stranger unless he is truly familiar with them. He also barks at the TV when any animal comes on, dog, cat, even an elephant.