My Pug Never Stops Eating

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Chow Hound
Barked: Fri Apr 30, '10 10:41am PST 
Am I the only one with a Pug that is always searching for food? He sniffs around all the corners of the house looking for food. When I take him out his nose is to the ground hunting for food.

Believe me, I feed this dog plenty and he has plenty of treats during the day also.

What's his deal?

Where ya goin'? - I'm comin with
Barked: Mon May 3, '10 5:47am PST 
I think he is just sassy smile But very cute smilepuppy
jewels lolita

jewels jewel of- our hearts
Barked: Tue May 4, '10 4:11pm PST 
Hi, you are not the only one! my pug is the same she is a food hound! she will circle me looking up wanting a treat constantly! puppy


Cover Hog!
Barked: Sun May 23, '10 5:05pm PST 
My mommy thinks I would get petnapped if food was used to lure me. Mommy keeps a close eye on me, and my appetite! I love food, it's my favorite!

Barked: Thu Jul 1, '10 7:01pm PST 
Mine is always look for "snacks" (ie. crumbs, grass clumps, toilet paper, sticks, kibble!). big grin She's a crazy sassy girl.

Bacon! Bacon!- Bacon!!!
Barked: Thu Aug 5, '10 6:34pm PST 
My pug is part vacuum too. Anything that smells or looks remotely like food goes in the mouth, including dust bunnies.

Member Since
Barked: Sat Nov 26, '11 3:11pm PST 
My pug mix is a foodie. She just jumped on a chair at our kitchen table and ate butter off the plate, after we left the room for a few minutes. She did the same thing this Thanksgiving at our friends house, but got a turkey wing. Luckily, I got it from her. She found bread under leaves when I walked her. She is very active and gets 2 meals a day, plus biscuits in the evening. Still she searches for food. Lessons Learned smile