Controlling the Shedding of my Pug?

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dancing in the- sunshine
Barked: Fri Jun 11, '10 4:18pm PST 
Hello Chinabell is my first pug. Didn't know that much about the breed except that they snore alot. She also sheds alot. Where do you get this missing link and is it a good thing to give her.snoopy
Gentle Ben - Angel- 7-5-2013

love them toys
Barked: Thu Jun 24, '10 10:37am PST 
When they use the furminator on me with all my hair they say ther eis enough left to make another pug !!!

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Don\'t clean- your house, I\'m- a pug vacc
Barked: Tue Apr 19, '11 7:50am PST 
Bathing your dog once a week is wayyyy too much. It dries out their skin causing it to shed. What vets and people that knows about dogs recommend is bathe your dog twice a month or every month. Dogs have oils in their skins and washing them often makes that oil go away and the skin flakes and the hair comes off. You should try it and see the difference it makes.

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