Help! Food Agression

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Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 12:41pm PST 
Since we've added Sluggo, more recently there have beed scrapples at mealtime between the 3 pugs. They eat seperately, in order of their dominence, but the first two finish well before the puppy(1 yr now) and stalk him til he finishes. If they get too close or seem to make the wrong move things get ugly. Now even if they aren't stalking Sluggo the 2 girls will start to beef with each other. They never did this before there were 3. It's not always, but more when I feed them vs. my Husband. Recently they have drawn blood. I don't want them to hurt each other, I don't know what to do.shrug
Bit Bit

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Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 4:29pm PST 
i have the same problem so my mommy lets me eat in one room and she stays in another so she dont get bit