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Pugsly McGee

Only 46% away- from Daddy's- coming home!
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 1:10pm PST 
Hey everyone. In a couple of months I will be taking my first flight. It will be a very long day of travel and my mommy is very worried about me. We're making the journey back home to Germany from Kentucky to finish waiting for Daddy's return from Afghanistan. So, I'll be away from her for 16-18hrs.
Has anyone else ever had a long flight like this before? Which airline did you take? We're not sure which one to pick just yet. Any other advice would be great! Thanks everyone.
Meatball,- Lord of- Vilas

Meatball - Ladies man
Barked: Mon Mar 10, '08 7:55pm PST 

My buddy (He's a human and doesn't know I can use theinterwebz thing, so keep it on the down low) told me that if you call the airline sometimes they can make special arrangements to carry you on board, it just depends on the airline. In any case, tell your Daddy how proud me and my human buddy are of him. He's one of our many heroes overseas right now! Oh and we're proud of you and your Humans close to your Dad also. You guys are in my puggy prayers!