When do pugs reach their adult size?

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Barked: Fri Aug 31, '07 1:52pm PST 
shrug How old are pugs when they reach pretty much their adult size?

I'm 4-3/4 months and 11 pounds. Am I small or will I have a big growth spirt?
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Barked: Sun Sep 2, '07 7:58pm PST 
I think you are a good size! I don't know about other Pugs, but Figgy hasn't grown much since about 9 months old. Maybe somebody else with a little more pug knowledge will post here. Anyone??? shrug

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Barked: Mon Sep 3, '07 5:44am PST 
I weighed about that much when I was that old. But now I'm almost 9 months old and I weigh about 20 pounds. I'm a little smaller than some of my older friends but I don't think I'm gonna get too much bigger. My little sister if 11 pound and she's almost 6 months old, but she a little sick when she was little so she's taking longer to get real big like me.


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Barked: Mon Sep 3, '07 12:43pm PST 
Lily had a big growth spurt at about 4-5 months of age, and it seemed like she doubled in size overnight. She has averaged about 16 pounds since about 8-9 months old, give or take a pound depending on which food she eats.

Your Pug sounds normal to me. What are you feeding, and what does the vet say?

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Barked: Tue Sep 4, '07 10:21am PST 
way to go Thanks for your responses! Sounds like I'm right on track then. My mom feeds me Innova--mostly the kibble with a tiny bit of the canned puppy Innova mashed around. I loooove it! My vet says I'm perfect size--not too fat or too thin but they didn't say anything about overall weight for pugs my age. My mom was just curious bc a few people have come up to us when we're outside walking and asked how old I was and was I a "miniature pug"? Humph! miniature! I'll show them! My dad is 18 pounds so I probably won't be huge, just regular. So sounds like maybe in 4 months or so, I'll be my full size...?!

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Barked: Tue Sep 4, '07 2:10pm PST 
Hamish~ Glad to hear that your vet says all is well!

Probably the people who make comments aren't used to seeing a "normal" size Pug, as many tend to get overweight.

Innova is a premium food, but it is extra high in protein compared to other quality brands. Perhaps you can try rotating to another brand to see if there is a difference, if you're still concerned about the size and weight issue?

Some say it's best for pups to grow at a slower rate anyhow to help prevent bone and joint problems such as hip dysplasia and luxating patella.
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Barked: Fri Sep 7, '07 12:51pm PST 

You will continue to grow fast for a few more months. Then you will slow down a bit, but you will continue to mature until you are about 2 years old...mostly your chest will get wider; you'll get your handsome pugly figure over time. Take a look at my brother, Guy Noir. He is a big pug (almost 30 lbs; his mom was very tall and leggy, his dad was chesty) and has just started to have his paws match his body. I am smaller (about 18 lbs) and kept growing a little bit until I was almost 2. The big spurts are in the first year, though; by the time you are a year old, you should be almost as big as you will get!

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Barked: Thu Nov 22, '07 12:17pm PST 
my pug is 11months old now and she has pretty much stopped growing i would say she is 16lbs... dunno if thats normal or not!!
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Barked: Wed Jan 23, '08 11:44am PST 
My pug is a rescue pug -so I don't know much about his history- but he weights 9 pounds at almost 8 months. He was a little thin when I first adopted him a few weeks ago but the vet said to feed him the amount of dog food for a 12 month old pug to help him fill out a little.
Looking for some insight- do you think he will have a "growth spurt" since he is not a year old yet? Or do you think he will just end up being on the small size?
I love him and size isn't important, I was just curious.

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Barked: Wed Feb 20, '08 9:00pm PST 
I have not grown since I turned 1. I am 12 years old now. I have grown sideways though. The vet says I am a large pug, and mommy has me on a diet since I weigh 30 lbs. I get excersise every morning from my daddy (he walks me around the block, that is the highlight of my day). Once you grow all you have to grow, watch your diet. As much as you love the smell of human food, it gets you chubby. And the older you get, the harder it is to loose all that weight. I am starting to sound like my parents, this is what they say when they talk about diets among themselves. puppy