Is my pomeranian a throwback?

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Birthday Boy
Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 12:50am PST 
Yea sometimes the charts are unreliable. My youngest Pom is charting out to be 7 pounds, he probably will end up bigger. Most of the time the charts are 3-4 pounds off.

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Barked: Sun Feb 24, '13 5:19pm PST 
My Pom Toby is very large for a Pom. He's almost as big as my small Sheltie. He's very close to 13 inches tall and right now a bit pudgy at 19#. We're working on getting him down to 14-15 pounds which my vet says will be good for him. I adopted him two years ago and he was 8 years old so I have no puppy records for him. I do know who bred him and am sure that he is a purebred Pom.

Barked: Thu Feb 28, '13 7:35am PST 
Thanks everyone!
D'artagnan is now at 7.6 lbs and is 13.5 weeks old. According to that puppy weight calculator he is going to be between 13lb 14oz- 14lb 12oz.

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Barked: Fri Aug 15, '14 9:43am PST 
This will help! http://pommymommy.com/what-is-a-throwback-pomeranian/
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