Is it ok for a Pomeranian to jump up on things alot?

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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '13 10:51am PST 
The top of our bed is 32 inches off the ground.
Our 2 year old pomm has no issue jumping up and we have no issue if she sleeps there.
My only concern is if this high jumping all the time is bad for her legs/back?

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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '13 6:10pm PST 
My two Poms jump on and off my bed with no problems. My only concern would be Luxating Patella, which Poms can develop. It is when the knee slips out of place. Jumping and Running could make it worse.

My older Pom (2 year old) jumps off things a lot. Sometimes it worries me, but my smaller Pom is too scared to jump off things. If you are really concerned they sell dog stairs that connect to your bed.

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My bed is tall, so I put a small two stair set of steps against the side of the bed. He flies up and down those steps to get on/off the bed - he loves them.

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I put my bed on the floor. But it's almost impossible to keep them from jumping. we have 4 steps on our porch and they'll jump to the bottom sometimes.
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Cam is right. Luxating patella is the main concern with Pomeranians and jumping. Sweeney has it (grade two - as in his kneecap pops out and won't pop back in on his own, worse than grade one but nowhere near bad enough to require surgery) and can't do much jumping. He still tries, bless him, and if the jump isn't high at all, I let him. I do NOT let him jump on couches, beds, chairs, or anything of the like. He is not allowed to climb up the steps (but will bounce down without a problem) and before he's taken outside on leash, he jumps on our short coffee table to make it easier for me to put the leash on him (less bending on my part, as I have bad knees, too). We lift him up to put him on most furniture. He won't do much jumping on his own, anyway.

Ninja, my sister's pomeranian, does not have luxating patellas and is just fine jumping. It's never seemed to bother him at all. So, it all boils down to whether your dog seems to have any joint problems. If you notice any, I'd stop letting him jump. If you don't and never do, I wouldn't worry too much about it. As long as the jumps he's making can't cause him to hurt himself just from the fall.

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my friend told me, whenever she can jump up is always save to jump down.
pomeranian is athletic dog
except for bad kneecap problem