New Pomeranian Puppy

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I am a new proud owner of a Pomeranian named Loli Button smile She is 8 weeks and I just recently brought her home. I want to pad train her to do # 1 and 2. She has only been in my place for 2 days. She only peed once on the pad, but the rest on the floor and when we have her out around the apartment, she will pee all over. I go behind and tell her no and take her to the pad and then she follows me out. I also spray and clean the pee with Lysol to take scent off the carpet. I do not let her go around the apartment unsupervised, and when we are away she stays in the kitchen with the door closed. We have set her bed in the Kitchen and she loves it there and the pad some space away on the other side to the left. She will pee on the floor and she keeps doing #2 on top of the kitchen rug. My question is, am I doing the “right thing” in terms of potty training her. Any suggestions on what and how I could do this? Also, about how long does it take to train a puppy? I have never owned a dog/puppy. Thank you so much for helping 

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I would put her in a crate instead of allowing her total access in the kitchen. Dogs will not soil their sleeping area unless absolutely desperate which is why she should be in the crate. By being loose in the kitchen she doesn't understand where to potty.

She ahould be taken out after her meal times to go potty. Keep an eye on her & when you need to be elsewhere or put her in her crate. Don't use a crate that is much larger than she is as you don't want her to soil her crate. She should be taken out every couple of hours until she gets a little older.

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Congrats on your pup! We have a 3 y/o Pom, Belle -- she's our first dog, and we got her at 12 weeks. On potty training, it took Belle about 3 weeks. A lot of people recommend keeping dogs in their kennels until they are trained. Unfortunately, I couldn't bear to have her in the kennel when we were at home. We had a trainer come to the house for a few sessions, and he recommended keeping her on a leash when she was out of the kennel. That way, we were always aware of what she was doing and we could either anticipate when she was about to go or catch her mid act. It is hard work keeping your pup on a line, but it worked really quickly. And, apparently it is a great learning opportunity to catch them in the act. We just said "No" gently, picked her up, took her outside, let her finish, and lavished her with praise and treats. I couldn't tell from your post if you're treating your pup for pottying on the pad; if you're not, then you should start. That will speed things up a bit too. Good luck!

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Thanks. Yes, we are trying to train to pee and pup on the pad. We got a pad holder thing from pet smart and have it on the other side of the kitchen feets away from her bed. Since I read they don't like to pee near their beds/food. When I go to get her out I place her on the pee pad and say Go potty. She has peed on it several times with me and also when my husband takes her and on her own several times. She also puped the once and that's it everyother time is out on the floor or if we are home on the carpet. I bought the spray to clean off the scent from Petsmart. I like your idea of the leash but she chews on the leash and refuses to walk with it on, what do I do to help her walk with a leash and coller on? I think that could work.