How much energy for a 4-year-old?

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Barked: Thu Nov 8, '12 8:25am PST 
Remy recently turned four. In the past, keeping him busy and exercised during the late fall/winter has always been a challenge, but this year when I try and get him playing, he's just not that interested and if we do play, he loses interest quickly. I've also noticed that he rarely chews on his chewys anymore. I try and get him out for walks when I can and he loves that, but otherwise, he seems happy to just be a lap dog these days. Is he too young to be this settled down?

We just had a full blood workup for some dental work, so I'm pretty sure he's fine, but I just thought I'd see what others poms are like.

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Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 4:00pm PST 
I've had similar thoughts about Bailey this year too. He seems awfully mellow considering that 4 years old is really young for a toy breed. A little bit of spunk has come back now that the cooler weather has returned. The exceptionally hot summer must have been pretty hard on him. He still has the stamina to go on long hikes and can really turn on the speed and enthusiasm for agility so I know there's still some life in there lol. He never was into toys very much, and he does get bored with chews a lot more quickly than he used to (although trachea still excite him). I guess there must be something about this age. I'm as shocked about it as you are.

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Barked: Wed Nov 21, '12 5:08pm PST 
Wicket will be four January 18th & he still loves to play. He uses his chew bones everyday & loves to chase balls. He will play on his own & I find his toys scattered throughout the house.


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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 9:42am PST 
Skyline just turned 4yrs old today. Since she was 2yrs old she has always acted like she was an old girl. She rarely plays with toys or chews. She does however love hiking and jogging. And rarely she will instigate play with Artemis, but other than that shes just content to lay around.

Bodhi Wodhi
Barked: Tue Nov 27, '12 8:34am PST 
Bodhi's almost 5 1/2 and while I can tell he has matured a lot, he still really loves to play. He would rather play with a human than a dog though. He loves all his toys and gets super excited when he gets a new one. I do enjoy watching him sit around like a wise, little man taking it all insmile

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