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Barked: Sun Oct 7, '12 3:18pm PST 
i purchased a male pomeranian about a month ago he was 4 months when i got him in full puppy uglies the first time i saw him at the breeders home he had lost all his hair with just some on his back legs and neck. when i went to pick him up he had grown really soft hair through out his body and the hair on his neck is longer. i see more of his top coat coming in on his back but i notice that it is flat and falls to the sides, i want to know if the soft fur is his under coat or if thats going to fall off? you could also go check out harleys profile and tell me what you think of what his coat might look like as an adult PLEASE

Birthday Boy
Barked: Tue Oct 9, '12 1:58am PST 
Its hard to predict what the coat is going to look like, but have you checked out the Pom uglies topic setion. Anyway if you haven't here it is. This was people showing off their dogs. Just run your mouse over the blue words. Sometimes you have to click:

Link Pom Uglies Topic

Here is my dog's uglies progression:
Uglies Progression

This is him now at almost 2 years old:
Almost 2 years old

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