dander and allergies

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Me Too!
Barked: Thu Apr 17, '08 10:25am PST 
i heard that my adult coat will produce less dander, iw as wondering if this is true as my mom cant seem to tell if its me or allergy season that's flaring her up and she plays with me but doesnt let me into her bed just in case! im a young little guy and im going for my first vet visit next week but i wanted to know specifically what other pom parents do or if this is something that will lessen as my grown up coat comes in... will shaving help with this? i tried allerpet/d last night and it seems to help but i have so much fur i donno if it got to my skin!

thanks for all your help and im looking for new friends once i get the rest of my shots and can play!

thanks! woof woof!