possibly part pointer?

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Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

Big Head. Big- Heart.
Barked: Wed Feb 11, '09 12:42pm PST 
In my search to try to figure out what breeds Teddy might be, I have come across several things that lead me to believe he might be part pointer. I thought I would come ask the "experts".

1) He has the long lean body of a pointer, even though his face is a little blockier
2) he started out solid white and now he is covered with brown and block spots, which someone told me is called ticking

Thoughts?? Thanks!

Sweet Boy
Barked: Wed Mar 3, '10 8:09am PST 
Well without a picture it is hard to tell. However, go ahead and take a look at my dog patches. He is part pointer and he is what I call my cow dog. Underneath his coat he has spots which you referred to as ticking. These spots are brown and make him look like a cow, which is cute. Let me know if this helps. smile