Excercising your dog in COLD weather!

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Barked: Thu Dec 22, '11 6:09am PST 
'kay, folks!

I'm in MAINE - granted, we've had a pretty mild winter so far, but it's coming... the 20, 15, 10, 0 and BELOW ZERO temperatures. Ice, and snow.

This is often much too cold for our pals (and us!) to be outdoors for too long, yet I find my dog still needs exercise daily.

What do you guys do in the cold-cold-cold weather?

I am fortunate to live in an old mill building, and there is plenty of open-space. I'm thinking of asking the landlord (who has three dogs) if he'd have any interest in allowing an indoor space for dogs to play in the winter months. It could be like an indoor dog park or "dog gym". My ideas about this are still forming. What do people here think, have you ever heard of anything like this?

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Barked: Thu Dec 22, '11 8:37am PST 
We make use of the treadmill, fetch, chase, hide and seek. Just try making up different games that interest your dog and will benefit both of you in the exercise department.
Lucky for us (north TX) we don't have to many days where outdoor exercise isn't an option. My dogs all LOVE the cold weather and when it snows there is no chance of getting them in the houselaugh out loud

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Barked: Thu Dec 22, '11 2:56pm PST 
It gets really cold here and I would love to have a treadmill. We use puzzles and scent games to keep their minds sharp and make use of the time we can get outside. I also have a tiny house so no room inside either.


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Barked: Sat Dec 24, '11 9:52am PST 
Squirrel patrol. Rotating in and out of the house (to unthaw) then back outside to keep the naughty squirrel out of my territory...and away from the bird feeder.laugh out loud
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Barked: Sat Dec 24, '11 12:45pm PST 
Hershey! laugh out loudlaugh out loud We have a rather large house and will play inside most of the winter. We still go for walks outside - even in the cold. I put on coats, orange neck warmers, no boots though! laugh out loud And away we go up the mountain. I get the lake effect snows (so far NONE this year!) and we can have a few feet in a day or so. Doesn't stop us! When it gets too cold we do hide and find the cookie ball (kong ball), laser light, soccer ball (yes in the house). I've got some stairs and we'll go up and down the stairs chasing toys... Believe me you get inventive when you have to. An indoor playground would be AWESOME! There is a kennel I take them to for a week once in a while they have a covered play area that the pups love! cloud 9cloud 9
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Barked: Sun Dec 25, '11 1:10pm PST 
I've found my dogs do fine in cold cold weather, but we need to keep active! Regular walks aren't active enough. They need to be out on a hike, able to go at faster speeds. I usually don't bother with coats as they end up overheating even in the cold.

The only problem I've ever run into was with their paws. When it gets cold enough to where it hurts their paws, I don't go out with them. We only get maybe a few weeks out of the year where that happens, so I don't bother getting boots. Treat dispensing toys and trick training is what helps, but it never beats a good hike, so I go out when I can, even in the cold.
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Barked: Sun Dec 25, '11 6:58pm PST 
Exercise in cold weather? I barely like to go out in the cold to potty.

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Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 9:12am PST 
me and my BFF go to the dog park cuz it's too cold for most people and we have the WHOLE PARK to ourselves!! I'm rather introverted and don't like other pups in my business, so if more pups show up, we go to the 'small dog section' cuz NO SMALL dogs are there for sure!! Snow's too deep!

we still go on walks and mom just bought some mushers for my cushies. The salt burns so bad!! I have more problems with that than the cold and snow.. we have too much fun in the snow

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Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 11:40am PST 
We continue our regular regime.
6-10km off-lead hikes through the woods daily. - Which is great in the winter as it's a bit more of a work out for all of us wink

Occasional trips to the dog park.

Just no agility work during the winter as I can't stand the mess I bring home from the horse barns we use in the winter.

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Barked: Thu Jan 5, '12 8:17pm PST 
Anyone ever used Musher's Secret paw wax? I don't want to buy boots for my pup since he's growing at light speed, but his feet get very cold and tender after running around in the snow, even short trips out to use the patch.