tips for relocating to Seattle from England

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Barked: Sun Sep 5, '10 3:59am PST 
Hello, I am relocating from London to Seattle in 2010 and wonder if you have any tips/ideas/thoughts for a smooth transition?
I am planning on both dogs travelling with me in the cabin and am working with the airline to ensure this arrangement.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a good veterinary surgery, groomer, pet supply stores, doggie friendly shops/restaurants?
Any tips will be cheerfully received.
Many thanks,
Cristina, Sophie and Henry x

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Barked: Sun Sep 5, '10 7:53am PST 
Congrats on your move! Seattle is a beautiful, dog friendly city. Dogster Teddy just relocated there. Perhaps she will chime in here for you! I am in Vancouver Canada, just north of Seattle, so if you ever come across the border I could give you tips about heresmile
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Barked: Sun Sep 5, '10 11:39am PST 
We live across the Sound from Seattle!
You will love it- there are lots of dog parks and dog-friendly places in Seattle. There are some groups on dogster for Seattle dogs, but they aren't too active. I think Seattle dogs and Puget Sound pups, but you could search groups, too. Maybe you'll get more tips there...
But we would love to meet you if we're over that way once you're moved and settledbig grin

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Barked: Sun Sep 5, '10 11:09pm PST 
I'm from California, but Petco is nationwide here in the US and it's a great pet supply store! I love it because the people who work there are so friendly, they carry most of the brands I love and your pets are welcome, on leashes, to shop with you inside the store! wave

Barked: Wed Sep 8, '10 11:24am PST 
I live 20 miles outside of Seattle and they have great places for pets. One is called Mud Bay and you can look them up on the net. Where I live I have bridges pets and they have great prices on pet food. I don't know where you are moving to exactly but there are tons of specialty pet stores all over the area.

Barked: Tue Sep 14, '10 7:01pm PST 
I live about 30 south of seattle. If you click "local" at the top on the "my account" line, you can search by zip code and that will bring up all the vets, dog parks etc. in your area. Good Luck!