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Juniper Low

Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 6:21am PST 

I just joined dogster yesterday, and I need help. shrug

Just, show me around, send me a pup pal request, anything to help me get started, would you?


Junie puppy
And Audrey happy dance

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Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 8:27am PST 
Hi Juniper! I could help you around here. I'll explain the most important sections and things about Dogster, and I'll send you a Pup Pal request. Then, you can ask me if you have any more questions about this site.

First, let me explain Zealies and Gifts. These are sort of "rewards" you earn. You can buy Zealies, but there are other ways to get Zealies. If you participate in certain Dogster games, help answer a question and get chosen as Best Answer, or someone could transfer Zealies over to you. You will find other ways to get Zealies once you spend time on here. Zealies are mainly used for giving gifts to other Dogster members. You can give a gift, star or rosette where it will be posted on their page. Some gifts are cost more Zealies than others do.

Another thing you should know is about your Dogster Corral. If you are friends with a dog or like them, you can save them to your Dogster Corral for easy acsess. You can find this option to save them under their photo. There will be several buttons, and you can easily select the Save this dog to your Corral button.

Where you just posted is the Forums section of Dogster. This is where a lot of us on this website go to talk and look for advice. You can freely post in a topic, or even start a topic of your own. There are nearly 30 different Forums that you can post in.

The Answers section of Dogster is slightly different. Here, you simply ask one questio. Normally, a question will get 1-7 answers, but there are some questions that get over 100 answers. The Answers section is great if you want to earn more Zealies. If you answer a question on there, and get selected as Best Answer, then you get 3 Zealies.

The next fun section on here is the Groups. You can join a group and participate in one. Most of the groups are just for fun. The groups that you have joined will be posted on your page.

Let me know if you have any more questions. I think you'll be able to figure more things out as you get used to Dogster. I'll send you a request and send a Paw Mail, too.