Too cool!

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Ch. All's Well- in Heaven's- Court CDX
Barked: Thu Mar 8, '07 7:50am PST 
A whole forum section just for us PBGV's?? Too cool!!
PBGV...or Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen as we are known, are happy, spirited dogs. We love to show our personality, especially in the show ring.
I just so happen to be a success in the show ring as well as in Obedience. I enjoy both very much with my mom, who is my owner/trainer/handler.

I sure hope other PBGV's join this disussion!!

Cessna- Flying high
Barked: Tue Jul 31, '07 7:56am PST 
Hello, I'm Cessna ...
This is a cool place, I hope that other PB's come along and join this group!
I don't have any titles or fancy names yet but maybe someday I will. I can't compete in Confirmation until I'm older because I've been spayed. My mom says I can still compete in Obedience, Rally and Agility, so that is what I'm working towards. I just graduated from Beginner 1 Obedience. Mom enrolled me in Beginner 2 and I will receive my CGC at the end of this class if I work real hard. I'm kinda known as the class clown at school, I keep my mom on her toes. Especially when I'm busy watching and learning what the advanced classes are doing in the next ring over. I've even been known to fall asleep in the middle of class, I can't help it that I know every thing already and I get bored when we have to do things over and over.
Well, I hear a chewie callin my name .... So, I'm off ...

CHEWY - Adopt me!!!
Barked: Sat Mar 15, '08 11:22am PST 
Would you believe that my foster mom pulled a purebred PBGV from a high kill shelter this past January? His name was Scrappy and she thought he was an odd looking terrier mix until someone said PBGV and she googled it. lol It's amazing what can turn up in a shelter, eh? Scrappy had a very happy ending and was adopted by a loving couple and has a maltie/yorkie brother. Don't you just love happy endings??? dancing

PS Scrappy was awesome and now my foster mom wants a PBGV if she can ever add yet another forever dog to her family.

Sir George- Barkley Max

Barked: Tue Sep 2, '08 1:27pm PST 
New pbgv owner!